Home Remedies For a Toothache – Make the Pain Vanish

There is nothing like an agonizing toothache to put you out of sorts. A dental cavity or gum disease could trigger the pain. But before you lose sleep over it, here comes some easy cures, right out of your kitchen cupboard.

1) Rinse

Rinse your mouth with water to remove any food particles jammed between teeth. Sometimes, that is all it takes!

2) Clove

Mention toothache and everybody seems to be suggesting clove oil. No surprises there, it really works wonders. Bite a whole clove with the aching tooth or apply a few drops of clove oil. It operates like a local anesthetic.

3) Pepper

Did you realize that generously peppering your fried egg is good for your teeth? Pepper has powerful antibacterial properties. To fight toothache you can try different concoctions of pepper – a little pepper with a pinch of common salt or a few drops of clove oil or some ground basil. Sounds more like a dinner recipe than a cure for toothache!

4) Table salt and warm water

This time-tested remedy is guaranteed to provide instant relief from the excruciating pain. Dissolve table salt in warm water, take a gulp and hold it in your mouth for a few minutes. Repeat.

Now for a couple of stinking remedies:

5) Garlic

Don’t be shy, chew a clove of garlic or apply some, mashed with a little rock salt, on the tooth that is giving you all the trouble – if you have a spouse good enough to stand the smell, that is.

6) Onion

Still on the smelly side, this modest item in your daily diet has proven antibiotic properties. Chew on a raw onion for full three minutes, even if there is a dozen other things you wish you were chewing that instant: the onion will destroy all the germs in your mouth.

7) Asafetida

A slightly better smelling option, asafetida should be ground with a little lemon juice and swabbed on the aching tooth.

8) Peppermint

If you are finicky about how your breath smells! Chew dry peppermint leaves for a few minutes; it reduces pain by drawing out pus.

9) Oats

This is yet another remedy that works by drawing out the pus. Just place a smidgen of oats on the trouble zone and bite on it.

10) Wheat Grass

The grass can be either be chewed directly or juiced and used as mouthwash: both cures toothache.

11) Bay berry

A paste of bay berry bark in vinegar strengthens gums. It decreases toothache as well.

12) Real Vanilla extract

Rinsing your mouth with a swig of real vanilla extract is a cure even for extreme pains. For a mild toothache place a cotton ball soaked in the extract on the ailing tooth. Your taste buds probably won’t approve but make some allowance for the taste because it will instantly numb your pain.

13) Oil of oregano

This one doesn’t taste good either and burns a little. But what wouldn’t we do to get rid of the maddening pain in the head? And it is plenty consolation that oil of oregano is a natural antibiotic and is known to lessen the ache.

14) Whisky

Some of you will love this. Rinsing your mouth with strong whiskey will kill bacteria and act like an anesthetic.

15) Brandy

Yes, brandy too. Dip a cotton ball in brandy and squeeze over the aching tooth. Works just like whiskey.

16) Warm tea bag

Warm a tea bag in hot water, check the hotness with your finger and place the bag right over the tooth.

17) Ice

The coldness of an ice pack or cold compress freezes your mouth, so you don’t feel the pain.

18) Guava leaves

If you can get your hands on a bunch of guava leaves, chew them raw. It shouldn’t be too bad – they taste like raw guava fruits.

19) Mustard oil

Ever thought about massaging the mutinous ache into complacency? Rub a mixture of mustard oil and salt on your gums to make them strong.

20) Lime

Well, this one shouldn’t be here. Even though lime is commonly advocated as good for teeth, lime contains citric acid, and enamel -the protective covering of teeth – dissolves in acid. This would weaken teeth.

So much for home-remedies. They are temporary pain-busters that can help you get to the dentist without much fuss. Nothing can replace good old dental health practices and if an ache is troubling you the best thing you can do for yourself is to make an appointment with a dentist. Keep those pearlies in good health and they will serve you for a life time.

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