Herbal Remedies

Headache? Pop a pill. Can not sleep? Pop another pill. We have grown dependent on pills from the slightest itch to the severest pain and for every known disease. We have accredited ourselves to be so dependent in fact that even placebos start to work. Who could resist? It's the easiest and fastest way to alleviate what symptoms and ailments we are currently suffering and complaining from. I'm not saying that drugs and pills are bad, but sometimes; too much can take a toll on your liver.

Natural medicines can range form herbal plants to non invasive practices such as massages and aroma therapy. It will take a bit of research, and occasional referral from an expert and a visit to an online herbologist. Sounds like too much trouble for a simple headache or your "occasional stress" versus that pill in your medicine cabinet huh? Yes, but think about your liver, you might also find more useful information from that one visit to a herbologist. I'm not saying going all natural, I'm just saying to see your body and welcome more natural herbal remedies.

Aroma therapy for example can be considered as one of the most common herbal remedy. Essential oils can earn a place in your medicine cabinet as much as your paracetamol pill.
Lavender can soothe headaches, can be used to clean wounds and also prevuces bruising. Camomile emotionally can be calming and soothing but is proved to be good for boils, burns, pollution and can aid in headaches and insomnia. The most popular herbal oil you may have heard of might be eucalyptus. Eucalyptus is excellent for sore muscles, aches and pains, and is very good for people who frequently suffer from colds.

However, like most diseases; every symptom can be preverted if we all practice a balance of good diet and nutrition, exercise, relaxation and spiritual and emotional stability. So in addition to your doctors number in your speed dial, you might consider adding your herbal specialists accessibility as well. You might be surprised at what magic you will discover using common herbal remedies .

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