Heart Burn Treatment

Heart burn is a common digestive complaint. You may choose a burn heart medicine or burn heart treatment of the prescription variety, over the counter or an herbal remedy. Depending on your symptoms and the frequency of flare-ups it may be wise to see your doctor. Occasional heart burn can be treated with an over the counter antacid product or an herbal remedy, if you prefer. Most of the highly advertised prescription drugs are for those who suffer from heart burn several times per week and are seeking an effective burn heart treatment.

Heart burn is a burning sensation in the throat or chest. It is caused by excess acid rising up out of the stomach where it “burns” the lower throat or esophagus. An effective burn heart medicine will neutralize the acid and/or relieve the symptoms. People who have heartburn frequently may want to investigate dietary or lifestyle changes. There is also an herbal burn heart medicine that has been shown to relieve the symptoms of chronic heartburn. This product generally takes several weeks to reduce the number of flare-ups. Another herbal burn heart medicine can be used to provide immediate relief from the symptoms of heart burn. This burn heart treatment contains fennel, mint oil and a combination of other traditional herbs used to counteract the effects of heart burn.

Reducing the number of acidic foods in the diet may reduce the frequency of heart burn. Foods like tomatoes, citrus fruits, fried foods and even chocolate may cause flare ups. Before you seek a burn heart medicine for chronic heartburn, you may want to take a look at your diet. By keeping a food diary, you may be able to identify the foods to which you are particularly sensitive, especially, if you only have heartburn occasionally.

An effective burn heart treatment program should include a look at lifestyle as well as a burn heart medicine for immediate relief. Prevention is the goal. Most people who suffer from chronic heartburn find that eating smaller meals every few hours is less likely to cause problems than eating a large meal once or twice per day. Dieticians also recommend this type of eating plan for those that need to lose weight. Overweight individuals are more likely to suffer from frequent heart burn. So, an effective burn heart treatment program may include changing what you eat and how much or how frequently you eat.

Chronic heartburn can be a symptom of more serious health conditions, which is why it is wise to have a physician evaluate your symptoms, before you begin your own burn heart treatment program. However, many doctors will simply write you a prescription for a burn heart medicine. It is wise to read all of the package inserts that come with the prescription drug and report any unusual symptoms to your doctor or pharmacist. One of the popular heartburn medications commonly causes diarrhea or constipation. Most doctors are not familiar with herbal burn heart treatment and many will not suggest lifestyle changes, unless you ask.

Along with the foods that you eat, what you choose to drink can lead to heartburn. Alcohol, coffee, diet sodas, regular sodas and fruit juices may cause heartburn in some people. This is why an effective burn heart treatment program includes recording or at least making a mental note of “when” you have heartburn symptoms. This will help you to identify what changes that you personally need to make and may prevent the need for a burn heart medicine.

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