Health, Medicine, and Glyconutrition – The Future Is not What It Used to Be

This is what they call "Hope?"

We've all gotten used to the idea that certain maladies will be around for a while … like until the Second Coming. Maladies such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis … and many more are expected to be around, in epic proportions, longer than we think we will be alive … and anyone who tries to tell us otherwise is looked up with real skepticism. In fact, when anyone tries to tell us "there's hope" for such maladies as, say, diabetes, we are more likely to believe that the person is trying to sell us

Until these discoveries, scientists had NO idea how the cells of your body could tell the antibodies of your body you had an infection and that they had to "get on over here" to deal with it. Until these discoveries, scientists had NO idea how the cells of your body collected the rest of your body that they needed nutrition, oxygen, waste elimination, infections healed … and a thousand and one other necessary functions of every cell. Goodness! We in the scientific world had not known just exactly HOW even aspirin made its way to that nasty headache of yours. We just knew it worked. So, we prescribed it.

Sugar? Say it is not so, doc!

But, my attention was riveted to the news that scientists like Dr. Gunter Blobel had discovered what it was that let the cells COMMUNICATE with the other systems of the body. And would you believe it? What he found was amazing. Sugar … SUGAR! (Glyco = Greek for "sugar") No … not table sugar (else diabetics would not be so excited over this new-found help for their diabetes).

, br> There are over 200 sugars in nature but, eight of them are VITAL to our good health. In fact, eight of them are the glyconutrition "backbone" for helping the body prevent or heal:

* auto-immune diseases such as diabetes, psoriasis

* overactive immune disorders such as allergies and asthma

* under active immune disorders such as cancer, TB, strep

* inflammatory disorders such as colitis, ulcers, fibromyalgia

* other conditions such as Alzheimer's, infertility, heart disease

Suddenly, the medical world was on fire over glyconutrition. The "anecdotal evidence" concerning glyconutrition is mounting rapidly as people are finding conditions which have long grieved them … to be a thing of the past. For so many, the expectation for the future is not a "long, long, road" fraught with impossible dieting, grueling workouts, thousands of dollars of prescriptions, and the need to dream positively. People are getting relief – from diabetes, heart disease, cancer, allergies, and many others – with glyconutrition … and without prescriptions! (Glyconutrition products are NOT prescription items … they're food.)

Oh yes. I almost forgot. If you go to your doctor and he is not aware of glyconutrition, do not panic. Your poor doctor CAN NOT possibly keep up with all of the signs, symptoms, conditions, and their myriads of treatments, chemical make up and complications associated with thousands of maladies and the millions of prescription antidotes for those maladies. I could not as a doctor, and I had several DECADES of experience in the field. "Been there … done that" as they say.

Incidentally, doctors do not usually find out first what works. They're just too busy being overwhelmed with the medical conditions they face, day to day. They usually find out like everyone else … They read about it or attend some seminar. Often, the marketplace produces antidotes – or research finds the right treatment, as in this case – long before they do.

But, I can tell you this. Glyconutrition is helping conditions as diverse as diabetes and Alzheimer's … and a lot of people have hope that these conditions CAN be and are being … overcome …

Suddenly, the future is not what it used to be …

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