Hand Massage Therapy – Better Health in the Palm of Your Hand

Some may consider the practice of hand massage therapy as a new way to improve circulation and encourage your body to self-heal. But hand massages have been used as far back as classic Chinese and ancient Egyptian times. Apart from our face, our hands are often the most noticed part of our body, which is why we care so much about how they look. You’ve probably met someone who looks very youthful in their face, while their hands reveal their true age.

The theory of hand massage – that every part of one’s body can be mapped on a person’s hand – came by way of a Korean doctor who specialized in acupuncture. The acupuncture method that he developed led to the discovery of today’s traditional hand therapy.

During a massage, endorphins are released into the system to balance our body and reduce stress. So, while a hand massage feels wonderful, it’s also working its healing magic to:

•Keeping joints mobile;

•Increasing circulation in your hands;

•Toning the muscles in your hands;

•Rejuvenating your skin;

•Helping to prevent conditions such as RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury);

•Reducing stiffness and increasing flexibility.

Today’s technology is proving to be a new source of pain and discomfort in our hands… texting on cell phones, extended video game play, typing on our computer keyboard… all are contributing to the popularity of hand therapy to combat the increased strain on our hands.

If you use your hands a lot during any given day – and most of us do in our workplace – you probably experience the tension and pain associated with your work. If you spend a majority of your day typing – for example – a hand rub can relieve the effects brought on by excessive use of a computer keyboard. In just 5 – 10 minutes, one can experience much-needed relief; this benefit only compounds the popularity of hand massage therapy among people of all ages.

If you’re familiar with reflexology, you know that a hand rub can bring relief to the stress and tension found in various other parts of the body. As stated earlier, it has been found that different parts of the hand have “access” to other – often distant – parts of our body. So during a hand rub, the area receiving the pressure is certainly being targeted, but so are the other parts of the body that “link” to that area of the hand. A trained massage therapist can treat neck and head pain, arthritis and poor circulation by honing in on specific areas of the hand while administering a hand massage.

A hand rub – correctly administered – provides relief to various parts of our upper, middle and lower body. I combination hand massage can effectively used to address the effects of:

•Symptoms associated with cold and flu;

•Back pain;

•Problems with our immune system;

•Addiction and craving;

•Sexual energy reflexes;

•Mental stress and energy.

Though do-it-yourself hand massage equipment is popular, having it done by a licensed massage therapist provides the maximum benefit. Nothing can compare to the hands of a professional.

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