Gum Disease Symptoms, Tips and Advise

The difficult part of gum disease symptoms is that most people are unaware of it or ignore it until it becomes serious. The symptoms are not very obvious at the outside, so for an average person there is no way to identify the disease early. Therefore, the best preventive measure against gingivitis and periodontal disease is to make periodic visits to the dentist for general dental exams. A dentist is a professional who can diagnose the disease at its earliest stage and treat it properly.

This condition is more precalent than what most people would like to think. As per the available statistics, almost 75 percent of the population can expect to have gum disease at some stage. In some cases, the reasons for this disease may be genetic. Some races have a 30 to 40 percent chance of being genetically predisposed to it. People with diabetes or heart disease are also candidates for gum disease.

Gingivitis symptom is the preliminary stage of periodontal disease. At the stage of gingivitis, there is a mild inflammation or swelling of the gums. The patient may notice abnormal redness of the gums and slight bleeding at the time of brushing or flossing the teeth.

If left untreated for a long period of time, gum disease can deteriorate into periodontal disease. At that stage, the gum line recedes with creation of pockets. The teeth appear longer because the root of the tooth almost gets exposed. It shows that the gum tissue and the bone are being eaten away by the infection.

Gum Disease Symptoms can be mild but through time it can become increased your best bet to correcting these problems is your oral routine. Make sure you brush your teeth at least twice daily, make sure floss, use tooth paste that has fluoride. Make sure you see a dentist and keep up with your dental appointments. If used early enough gum disease can be cured and maintained, if left untreated it can lead to heart disease and diabetes. Its great to have great teeth and to be able to smile and show off your teeth but its even better to have a healthy mouth.

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