Golf Fitness – What Can it Do For You

Many people look for something that is going to give them that extra edge when they go out to the links. Unfortunately most people resort to spending hundreds of dollars on new clubs and other types of equipment, which is not necessarily wrong, but there are other things out there that can do much more for much less money. One of the best things a golfer could do is to work on their golf fitness.

Golf fitness is when you create a training routine in which you work on specific muscles groups that your body uses in the game of golf. There are actually quite a few muscles that the body is using in the golf swing. Some of the muscles that it uses are the quadriceps, hamstrings, gluts, oblique, erectors, pectorals, deltoids, triceps, biceps, and forearm flexors and extensors. That is a good amount of muscles being used to simply hit a little ball, and that's not even all of them.

A good golf fitness regiment will focus on these muscles and give you exercises that will develop strength, stamina, and flexibility. This is done for some fairly obvious reasons. You want to build strength so you can hit the ball farther, plain and simple. You want to create a stamina as well as muscle memory so you can have a consistent swing that you can repeat at will. Flexibility provides you with more range of motion which means more rotation, which in turn means more power.

There are many benefits to being involved with golf fitness on the golf course and off. Obviously it will help your body develop into something that enhances your game in every aspect. Yet it will also be good for your general health, as many people struggle getting through a game of eighteen holes and can barely swing their own clubs by the time its over. If you work on your golf fitness you will become more generally in shape and healthy.

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