Garlic, Our Super Food and Herbal Medicine

For as long as history records, Garlic has received great mention as a
healing food. The Chinese have used it in their daily meals and we know of
its widespread use visiting Chinese restaurants, or their convenient
take-outs. Garlic is also used in the middle eastern countries, the
mediterranean, etc .. Egyptian slaves were given regular rations of this
food to keep up their energy while erecting the pyramids.

Its miraculous compounds Allicin and Ajoene have been attributed to many
cures and disease reversals in our past history. Pre-Soviet Russia swore
by the curing abilities of Garlic and during World War II it was known as
Russian Penicillin. There are over 125 scientific papers about laboratory
studies performed with Garlic since 1983.

Where does garlic excel in preventing disease?

-It kills germs … and some viruses that cause disease.

-It lowers overall cholesterol and raises HDL … the good cholesterol.

-Garlic rises overall immunity and resistance to disease.

-It can be used to lower your blood pressure.

-It is used for fighting infection.

-It is used as anticoagulant (blood thinner).

-It prevents and relieves chronic bronchitis, along with other lung

It is generally agreed that ingestion of 1/2 to 2 cloves of garlic in one
form or another should give you all the health benefits you can receive
from this miracle food, though it has been found that chopped or crushed
raw garlic should give you the greatest overall benefits. The reason for
This is that when garlic cloves are crushed or chopped, Allicin, the
miraculous sulfur compound and bearer of garlic's strong odor is released
and it is this Allicin compound which kills the bacteria and deadly
viruses. Garlic can be purchased previously chopped, stored in water.
Ajoene is also released when garlic is crushed or chewed and possesses
similar medicinal properties as Allicin. This form must be refrigerated
once it has been opened. Some people take a heaping teaspoon daily in
order to keep their cholesterol and blood pressure in check. The real
advantage is there are no known side effects.

Purchasing garlic is simple. Just check the whole bulbs for firmness
without any green leaves protruding, indicating they have been around
for a while.

It is believed by some homeopathic doctors that if garlic were ingested
on a regular basis, the general level of sickness and disease would be
greatly lowered and many of our hospitals would have more room to serve
the more critical patients.

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