Free fitness classes for anyone who’s lost their job or income


ust because you’ve been made redundant, you shouldn’t have to give up your daily dose of endorphins. In fact, that living room HIIT class has never been more needed for those who’ve lost their jobs or homes from the fallout of Covid-19. 

Thankfully, London’s top fitness heroes have come to the rescue, offering free workouts for frontline workers, job seekers and struggling artists amid lockdown 2.0. 

From BLOK gym’s complimentary online membership for out-of-work creatives to Frame’s free hero hotline, these are the studios offering free fitness support for those who need it most.

BLOK fitness subscription


BLOK fitness subscription

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The platform offers more than 170  on-demand video classes, from yoga to HIIT to boxing to dance, with new content released every week. Each week, there are also 60 live classes. 

Co-Founder and CEO of BLOK, Ed Stanbury says: “BLOKtv is more than just a temporary solution to lockdown – it’s an online community for creative thinkers who want to maintain a healthy mind and body. Community has always been at the heart of BLOK, and it’s our aim  to provide a platform which both our instructors and creative communities can really feel part of.

“As we continue through the second lockdown, it feels like now more than ever we need to keep our community moving. We believe that fitness fuels creativity, allowing people to learn new skills, build strength, flexibility, and ultimately have fun. BLOK is not just about getting fitter, it should make you feel better in every part of your life.”



Pure Gym

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It features over 400 different workouts of various levels, classes and advice to help anyone maintain both physical and mental health during this second lockdown. Just download the PureGym app from the Apple App Store or Google Play to get started.

Stephen Rowe, Chief Marketing Officer of PureGym, says: “As the days shorten and the weather turns, exercising outdoors isn’t feasible for the majority of people. Therefore, we have made the decision to make the PureGym app and the hundreds of workouts available on the platform free, to help as many people as we can, whether you go to PureGym, to another gym or no gym at all, this app is now for everyone and we hope it’ll help people to keep fit throughout November and beyond”.




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The scheme launched this month and offers free online memberships for frontline workers, job seekers and anyone generally struggling as a result of the national lockdown. Just direct message the team on Facebook or Instagram (@moveyourframe) if you need to support your own mental health or know someone else who is. 

( Frame )

Founders Pip Black and Joan Murphy comment: “We are in a health crisis and we know that daily movement plays a vital role in keeping both our mental and physical health in a good place. We saw first hand how much our on-demand classes helped over 2,500 frontline workers during the first lockdown and we want to extend this to anyone who is struggling and needs support. 

“Whereas lockdown one was bathed in sunshine and walks and jogs in the park were commonplace, keeping active and happy gets harder as we come into winter. The Frame Hero Hotline is our way of giving back and bringing a little bit of joy on a daily basis to those who need it most.”

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