Fluoride for Your Kids’ Oral Health

While most of us think that fluoride is good for our teeth especially for our children's, many of us are not aware that too much fluoride can cause our children's teeth enamel to warp or deform, causing it to absorb stains. The funny thing is, it's true that even if your child gets warped teeth from too much fluoride, his or her teeth will be seemantly resistant to cavities. This is a condition known as fluorosis.

Fluoride is available to children in about three common ways: from fluoridated water, from fluoridated toothpaste and from topical fluoride administrated at the dental offices. Fluoridated water is usually state regulated as, thanks to some intensive and exhaustive research done by a succession of scholars and researchers in the early 1900s, we now have tools to measure fluoride content of public water sources and we now know what has too much fluoride in the water means.

Moreover, fluoridated toothpaste is the thing parents should be more wary about because we have the tendency to think that since we've been using it forever, it's safe. When manufacturers said that you should only put a pea-sized amount on your kid's toothbrush, they mean "please do not put too much because your kid may swallow it and ingest a little too much fluoride."

And while it's not poisonous in any way, your Colorado Springs family dentist will tell you that it can cause fluorosis, otherwise known as the Colorado Brown Stain. Unfortunately, fluorosis is still occurring in children because of uncontrolled toothpaste consumption. Most people do not know that fluoride only works efficiently when teeth are still forming.

Your Colorado Springs family dentist may suggest non-fluoridated toothpaste for your child to avoid fluorosis and may even suggest that your child get the recommended dose of fluoride through topical and professional application.

Should you not have the resources to maintain your child's regular fluoride application from the dentist, you can instead be extra wary with the kind of toothpaste you choose. Make sure that you get a brand that has just the right amount of fluoride for children. And like what your Colorado Springs family dentist would say, make sure, too, that you teach your child to spit out toothpaste when brushing.

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