Fat Loss For Quick Fitness – Three Fat Loss Tactics For Body Toning Fitness

Fat and flab loss is the number one fitness goal of both men and women around the world. The problem is most advice is either too overwhelming – or downright ineffective to begin with. Here are 3 unconventional, yet simple, fat loss tips to help you lose the flab, tone-up, look awesome and feel phenomenal.

1) Although breakfast is important – it DOES NOT have to be eaten first thing in the morning. I don’t eat breakfast until 10 or 11 am. And it wasn’t until I started doing this that I found it MUCH easier to keep my body fat down in the zone where I feel and look my best. The women and men who adopt this ‘meal shifting’ tactic love it because it helps them reduce calories and burn more fat by reducing the ‘daily window’ of calorie consumption.

Essentially – by condensing the amount of time, during the day, to consume calories – it makes it more difficult to ingest too many calories. This ‘unconventional’ tactic may not be popular with ‘by the book’ type nutritionists. But the truth is – it works and is quite safe and conservative for most people. And you will not lose any muscle – only fat and flab.

2) It’s OK to go 4 hours between meals. I know this may go against some things you’ve heard – such as – “You need to eat every 2 hours or your metabolism will shut down.” … but the truth is – your metabolism will not shut down. This is some kind of old ‘gym myth’ – and just isn’t true. Think about it – you are not a machine that needs food every 2 hours, around the clock. The human body is much more intelligent and efficient than that.

The human body was created with natural powers of inherent strength and flexibility – one of those being the ability to rely on calories at irregular, non-predetermined intervals which is in-line with nature itself.

3) Believe it or not – you don’t have to keep “changing your workouts to shock your body – and stay lean, etc…” – that’s another bull$#!t ‘gym myth’ that simply isn’t true. There are women and men who can find a program that works for them, delivers great results – and they can stick with that program forever – maybe with some minor variations. That’s it.

The ridiculous ‘gym terms’ such as plateau, sticking point, stale or stagnated – are all ‘made-up’ to create more excuses for why certain programs don’t deliver results – and to confuse ‘fitness seekers’ into thinking that fitness success is much more complicated than it actually is.

These are just 3 fitness and fat loss tips to help you move forward in your quest for physical success. For more fitness and fat loss tips, articles and programs be sure to visit…

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