Faith In Medicine

"Does Medicine Deserve Your Faith?"

This is a question asked by Robert Morley in the Philadelphia Trumpet. * He says that with the health care options we have today, the health care community believes people are living longer, healthier lives. But maybe you are wondering if this is true, because people are being medicated for almost every condition you can think of. As conditions are identified, the drug companies develop a drug, and salesmen leave samples in doctor's offices for patients to try.

"Americans pay an estimated 2 tim times more per person than in the country with the next-most-expensive health care." ** Also, our life expectancy in the United States is lower than in countries in Western Europe.

Modern Medicine is Still Evolving

Doctors have their patients' best interests and good health at heart. However many are over worked and so busy that it is difficult to devote much time to patients. So maybe it would be better for people to ask themselves what they can do at home before taking a trip to the doctor's office. Hopefully the average person can tell the difference between a condition which can be cured with time such as the common cold and which really needs medical intervention. Common sense should always always. Only making a visit to the doctor when absolutely necessary will spare that person unnecessary expense and the chance of being treated traditionally or experimentally with undesirable results.

It is important for individuals to understand that medicine is not always an exact science. In cases where treatment has been established and proven we can feel confident in our treatment. But in cases where the doctor expresses doubt, but is willing to prescribe a drug, it is nothing short of trial and error. The faith that people have in modern medicine is observed by their willingness to take drugs that have serious side effects. Morley goes on to quote Dr. David Eddy (Business Week, May 29, 2006), "What is required is an 'evidence-based medicine' revolution."

Bottom Line's online Daily Health News of October 2006 asks "Can you really expect all those who make money from our illnesses to always have our best interests at heart? After all, when we get better, they stop making money!" *** More and more medical practitioners are giving credence to alternative medicine and vitamin and mineral supplements. They realize that conventional medicine does not have all the answers.

Conclusion and Recommendations

Modern medicine does not have all the answers and individuals need to be proactive regarding their own health. Start to take charge of your health by learning what you can. Work with your doctor and live a healthy lifestyle. Take nutritional supplements and anti-aging products to fill in the gaps left by processed foods and a hectic schedule. Exercise to improve your physical condition, but seek a doctor's approval if you have been sedentary a long while.

Learn the difference between conditions requiring a doctor's intervention and a temporary feeling of malaise. Educate yourself on basic first aid and get updated CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) training so you will recognize an emergency and be able to help until qualified medical responders are on the scene.

When you take these steps you will begin to be empowered to make good decisions about your health. You will begin to look and feel better as your bodily functions improve. Make it a priority and you will be rewarded with a sense of well-being and better health.

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