Facing Your Fears: The Importance of Regular Dental Check-Ups

Your friend goes to a dentist for regular check-ups, and has been encouraging you to do so, as well. Unfortunately, you fear getting into that oppressive-looking dental chair. You remember a traumatic experience 10 years ago, when a dentist extracted your tooth without administrating anesthesia. Since then, you see every dental tool as a source of pain. Everything in the dental clinic reminds you of that experience with the dentist.

However, when you look at the mirror, you see stains on your teeth. From white, the color of your teeth is gradually deteriorating into a yellowish shade. The sight makes it clear that you really need to see a dentist. However, you still can not shake that fear. Will you get over your fear and visit the dentist, or will you allow your teeth to develop even more stains?

Although traumatic your experience is, it is high time for you to change your perspective about dentists. You fear does not help you solve your dental problems. After all, treatments for tooth discoloration are not excruciatingly painful. Teeth whitening and bleaching are popular, pain-free treatments for discolored or stained teeth.

Whitening and bleaching are two different treatments for tooth discoloration. In Highland Park, dentists administrator tooth bleaching to whiten the teeth beyond its natural color. A Highland Park dentist uses bleaching agents like hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide for dental bleaching. Natural colors of teeth are grayish white and yellowish white. Tooth color is measured using shade guides. Shade guides help dentists assess the amount of bleaching agents needed for the process.

On the other hand, whitening is the removal of stains or hardened plaque on teeth. The Highland Park dental group members teeth whitening as a preventive dental procedure. Whitening is a pre-treatment for tooth decay and tooth loss. It improves aesthetic appearance of teeth and cleans the teeth intensively of cavity-causing bacteria. Teeth whitening prevent tooth discoloration.

Dental phobia or anxiety may negatively affect your oral health. Most dental experts recommend that it's best to face your fears and consult a dentist regularly. The Highland Park dental group encourages regular dental checkups for preventive maintenance and treatment. This is essential in preventing severe dental problems and gradual tooth discoloration.

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