Energy Medicine – Linking To Restore Communication Within The BodyMind

Linking to restore communication.

Ask the body what needs to be linked in order to reestablish good communication and stimulate the healing response.

In the BodyTalk system practitioners learn a protocol of questions to ask that quickly reveals exactly what organs or systems need synchronizing within a client's bodymind.

In a simple linking procedure a client will touch one reflex point, the first link indicated by way of questioning innate and you, the practitioner, will touch the second reflex point.

You are always synchronizing and balancing the communications or relationships between organizations and systems within the BodyMind.

Tapping the cortices and sternum stores information.

While a client holds one reflex point and you another, use your free hand to gently tap both hemispheres of the brain (to re-evaluate and balance the links being touched), then tap the sternum (to store the information); alternating tapping of both hemispheres of the brain and the sternum as the client breathes deeply.

The tapping is continued until a shift is felt. The muscle is then retested, asking if the link is still a priority.

Example: Touch reflex points for Heart to Small Intestinal links while tapping the head and sternum alternately. This link enhances ones ability for wise discernment among other things.

Join me for the next segment of my Energy Medicine article: Balancing Cortices Energy Medicine Technique.

Holistic MindBody Therapies, including pure essential oils, are gentle and noninvasive, complementary forms of health care used for balancing and synchronizing your body, mind and spirit and a natural, safe and effective way to enhance your health and well-being. Holistic health care often produces satisfied results where other methods have failed. Please consult with your physician regarding serious health concerns and do not attempt to self diagnose.

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