Energetic Medicine Explained

Energetic medicine is a complementary therapy which works on the pathways of energy in the body. It aids the identification and treatment of issues in the body and is similar to acupuncture, with the main concept being the view that the body is a self-regulatory mechanism which is under the control of electromagnetic waves.

It is not a new way of thinking, as it was over 2000 years ago that the Chinese first developed their theory of energy and the bio-energetic control that could have been achieved through the acupuncture meridian system in the body.

Then in the fifties Dr Voll discovered that by using an electrical measuring device he was able to locate acupuncture points around the body, combining the ancient practices with modern technology to a create a system with which he could treat conditions such as allergies, kidney problems and migraines. By combing the device (called an Ohm meter) and an ancient practice Dr Voll created the foundations of energetic healing.

From here the German doctor continued his research which resulted in electro-acupuncture, also known as EAV, as he found that all acupuncture points had a different level of resistance to electricity than the tissues located next to them. He also realized that the electrical resistance of a point varied dependent on changes in emotional and physical state, which led him to the conclusion that this could be used to ascertain how the body is, and that the electric current could enhance the ways in which acupuncture manages these points.

The EAV machine is a very technical and sensitive instrument, and when used by a skilled consultant it can provide results, when properly interpreted, can reveal valuable information about the human body and its particular state at the time.

As with most complementary therapies, energetic healing / medicine can be extremely effective both as a standard therapy or when combined with more traditional medical methods.

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