Electronic Nebulizer – Simple to Handle, Easy to Clean

An electronic nebulizer is like any other nebulizer used to convert the medicine into mist form so that it directly reaches the lungs for quick recovery. They are not only used by humans but it comes handy to treat animals from influenza and other kinds of respiratory issues. These nebulizers depend on membrane vibration to produce aerosol. Since the machine depends on vibration, air compressors are not required, thereby making the nebulizers compact and affordable. Electronic nebulizers are available in all leading medical supply stores. Online stores offer better deals when compared to offline stores. Browse alphabetically to catch the best deals.

Ultrasonic nebulizer is also a kind of electronic nebulizer as they use sound waves to convert liquid medication into mist for easy inhaling. A crystal is placed inside the machine that generates sound and the conversion process takes place. A valve is also present in some models to control the flow of the mist. Ultrasonic nebulizer is not capable of handling all types of medicines. Another major application of ultrasonic nebulizer is that it is used in humidifier apparatus that helps to spray water particles to dampen dry buildings. Ultrasonic nebulizer is more popular because of its various applications. It is simple to use and easy to clean.

Electronic nebulizer was invented in the year 1930 and it was initially called a Pneumostat. This machine converted liquid medicine into aerosol using an electrical compressor. When these electronic nebulizers were new to the market they were priced high and since it was used only by selected few while most of the users preferred hand driven nebulizer called the Park-Davis Glaseptic. It was only in the year 1964 Ultrasonic wave nebulizers were introduced. They were far more efficient and user friendly that most of them turned toward ultrasonic nebulizers. With the passage of time more advanced electronic nebulizers have replaced the traditional models.

Electronic Vibrating Mesh Technology or VMT is the latest in the nebulizer world. They produce dense medicated aerosol by moving through a metal alloy mesh. VMT is lightweight and compact and is absolutely portable. In this wonder machine around 98 percent of the medication is delivered. This means there is very minimal waste of the medicines. The adapters are compatible with any masks and T-piece. The head of the unit can be removed easily for cleaning purposes. Electronic Nebulizer with VMT comes with a main power unit, medication cup, mesh cap, mask adapter, mouth piece, instructional video and a carry case. This nebulizer weighs just 6oz. The product comes with a two years limited warranty.

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