Dry Mouth Syndrome and Halitosis

Sometimes, people get a condition called dry mouth, caused by the lack of saliva. It is an annoying condition that can affect not only swallowing of your food but also the overall health of your mouth. If you have this condition, do not let it go unnoticed.

Dry mouth can lead to other symptoms such as bad breath, mouth infections, grinding of teeth or bruxism, and constant chewing. It can also cause unwarranted teeth decay.

There are a number of factors that causes dry mouth. Some medications, alcohol intake, abnormalities in the salivary glands (the glands that produce saliva), dehydration, and even anxiety can lead to cotton mouth.

One way of treating cotton mouth is by going to your dentist. He or she can recommend sugar free candies or gum that can help you produce more saliva. Moisture in the mouth could also be restored by artificial saliva or medicated oral rinses.

If you are suffering from asthma, oral inhalers can also be a reason for dry mouth. Most doctors prescribe rinsing the mouth after using this type of medication.

Keeping your mouth hydrated will also aid in keeping dry mouth away. Drink plenty of water, moisten your food, take small bites, and chew very well. When you are going on trips, or even just short errands, keep a water bottle with you to enable you to sip water all day.

Lastly, keep your mouth clean at all times. Use a toothbrush with soft bristles and gargle before and after meals. Stay away from mouthwash products that contain alcohol as it is likely to worsen cotton mouth.

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