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Dogs are such cute and adorable animals that are a source of constant amusement for their humans. It is always delightful to see videos of dogs acting like little kids. Their playful antics and refusal to take medicines when sick is similar to kids. Like this video of a golden retriever dog that tries to hide when it sees medicines in its human’s hand. The video is adorable to watch and may make you chuckle.

It was posted by the Instagram account goldendaysofjoey three days ago. The video has got more than 2.90 lakh views so far. The video shows the golden retriever dog named Joey hiding beneath a table when it sees medicines on the hand of its human. It refuses to come out from under the table as it doesn’t want to take the medicine.

“I do a hide from the medicine,” says the caption of the video.

Watch the video below:

Since being posted, the video has got more than 19,000 likes and many comments with users suggesting ways of making the dog eat the medicine.

“No dog will not have meds like this. My dogs can find it in their food (it’s powdered) still the find it and refuse to eat it. Hide it in cheese they eat only the cheese. They are just too clever,” commented an Instagram user. “We should call the pawlice,” posted another along with laughing emojis. “Try with peanut butter,” another user recommended.

The dog account has more than 22,000 followers on Instagram. Some of its videos have gone really viral.

What do you think about this cute doggo?

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