Does Your Denture Cause Mouth Pain?

Many people who own dentures wear them only when eating because of the pain

and discomfort experienced while wearing their dentures all day long.

I asked my dentist about this situation and he agreed that most people with

dentures have sore mouths. He continued by saying the reason for those sores is

almost always the result of chewing with dentures that are too loose. When the

wearer bites food, the denture moves. With repeated chewing the denture

continually rubs on one or more places in the mouth and eventually a very tender

sore spot is created. The only way to relieve the resulting pain is to remove the

denture. So, instead of wearing the denture at all times the wearer removes it and

puts it aside until it is needed again for (1) eating a meal or (2) meeting and chatting

with family and visitors.

Then I asked my dentist why most of the dentures are loose instead of being held

properly and securely in place, he explained that when natural teeth are removed

the gums where the teeth were begin to shrink. Most of this shrinkage happens

during the first six months or so after natural teeth are removed. So, what was once

a tight fitting denture before the shrinkage soon becomes a loose. uncomfortable

denture. The dentists’ solve this problem by making a new mold of the inside of the

denture wearer’s mouth and then making a modification to the original denture so

that it fits as good as it did before the gradual shrinkage of the gums.

This procedure can require several visits to the dentists office and it can be quite

expensive. But, it does solve the problem – for awhile. The problem is that the

shrinkage continues and a year or two later the denture wearer must go back to the

dentist and repeat the re-lining of his denture and pay the dentist again.

Today, there is a new way to avoid all of the pain of ill-fittng, loose dentures as well

as the embarrassment of being caught with dentures in a pocket instead of in the

mouth as can happen when people unexpectedly drop in to visit

The simple, easy, low cost solution to all these problems is the use of a new (patent

pending) product called a Weber Denture Liner. This is a soft, flexible, putty-like

material that the denture wearer can use to line and build up the inside of the

denture. In this way the gaps caused by natural shrinkage of the gums are filled and

the denture fits the way it was originally intended to fit. With the liner in place

eating once again becomes a pleasure and dentures can be worn comfortably all day

long. The liner is available as a low cost do-it-yourself kit that anyone can use. So,

if you have been plagued with a sore mouth caused by poorly fitting dentures, you

owe it to yourself to at least try this new way to solve the problem and relieve the

pain in your mouth once and for all.

Terry L. Weber


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