Dental Specialist: Myths On Root Canal

5 Myths about Root Canal Treatment- Know From Dental Specialists

Tooth decay is one of the most debilitating of all oral problems that one can experience. While everyone would love to have healthy teeth, poor diets and lack of consistent dental care eventually lead to cavities. Luckily, dental specialists are offering specialized solutions to guarantee patients a healthy dental outlook.

Warning Signs

If you suffer from tooth sensitivity while eating or drinking hot or cold food, you need to talk to your dentist. Other warning signs include cracks on the surface of teeth, persistent biting discomfort, damage on the surface of the enamel, excruciating pain and discoloration.

Root Canal Procedure in Brief

Healthy teeth not only improve your dietary habits but also get your lovely smile back. To achieve this you need to undergo root canal treatment as soon as possible. The procedure involves removal of the infection and filling of the drilled surface using gutta-percha. A crown can then be placed to give the tooth a natural appearance.

The process should be carried out by a general dentist or a board licensed endodontist. Through this procedure one can get rid of the pain and it enables you to bite and chew normally, tooth is also saved from further damage.

Common Myths on Root Canal Treatment

If you are looking for a tooth decay solution, you might have come across some of these myths:

  1. Painful procedure: When seeking this treatment, you are already feeling a lot of pain and the procedure alleviates this. With advances in medical technology, this is now a routine and painless solution.
  2. Extraction is a better option: Missing teeth not only affect your facial outlook but also the smile and biting ability. With this alternative, you retain your natural appearance.
  3. Poor success rate: When done by a specialist using the right equipment, the procedure boasts over 95% success rate. The failure rate is negligible.
  4. It causes cancer: A study published in the JAMA Otolaryngology found that these treatments reduce the risk of mouth cancer by 45%.
  5. It is expensive: This is a misconception that runs across most dental procedures. Every situation is unique and will depend on the extent of damage. General dentists charge less than an endodontist.

Single visit root canal treatment is now possible using sophisticated medical equipment. It is a faster alternative and it is less traumatic for the patient. It is also more affordable and convenient because everything is done in one sitting. If you are suffering from tooth decay, you need to immediately take action to prevent loss of your teeth and prevent further spread of the infection.

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