Control Your Blood Pressure for the Long Term

A lot of people do not even realize that high blood pressure, or hypertension, does not have any symptoms at all. The damage can be happening slowly over a long period of time before other things start to happen because of high blood pressure. It puts you at a greater risk of stroke or a heart attack. Tiny blood vessels in your kidneys or eyes can be affected. The funny thing about kidneys and high blood pressure is that high blood pressure can cause kidney problems, and kidney problems can be caused by it. You can read more here if you like. As for your kidneys, you can have a kidney problem that will cause blood pressure issues, or you can have high blood pressure that ends up causing kidney disease. Just keep in mind that kidney damage is irreversible if it is chronic.

Hypertension is nothing to fool around with. If you have been prescribed medication for it, take it exactly as prescribed. Do not skip doses or just take it when you remember. Hypertension causes damage in the long term. So, long-term management of it to prevent the problems from happening in the first place is what you need. You do not have to feel anything to be doing worse or better. The way to know where you are at in therapy is to have your blood pressure tested at the doctor’s office or do it yourself at home. Don’t stop taking you meds when your blood pressure is normal or even a little low. Lower than the so-called normal level of pressure is often recommended for people who have diabetes because of the further risk of kidney damage.

The funny thing about treating high blood pressure is that in some cases the medication might give you a side effect symptom. It is so odd to have a symptom when treating something and no symptoms just leaving it alone that some people stop their meds. Just report things to your doc and get the med altered. Or, even wait a bit to see if the side effects taper off to nothing. That happens a lot with different medications.

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