Cheap Teeth Whitening – Tips For Maintaining That Perfect Smile

Who is not tempted from trying simple steps to boost the whiteness of their teeth? You can easily get an enthralling smile after you take the necessary steps. Although there are many options for cheap teeth whitening, the home based products are at the top of the list because they have proven to be both effective and inexpensive.

Unless you have a serious case of teeth discoloration, then you do not have to rely on dental office treatments. To match the needs of the customers interested in over-the-counter products, the manufacturers are leaving no stone unturned in their attempts to give results equivalent to clinical effects. Many of the products contain the same active ingredients used at the dentist's office. The readily available carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide are impressive with the results they provide.

Listed below are a few excellent combinations which can be used on the stained tooth to make the discolorations disappear within a short time period.

  • The lemon juice with a pinch of salt has always been famous for giving a new look to dull teeth. The acidic nature of the lemon is useful in eliminating yellow shades on teeth.
  • The orange peel has an astounding capacity to mitigate the yellowness of teeth. You can witness the quick effects after rubbing the inner portion of the orange peel on the affected tooth. Bay leaves which can be discharged or in powder form are good compliments to orange peels.
  • Bicarbonate soda has also been known to have lasting effects. The positive effects are found to be long lasting when they are applied in the form of the paste in combination with water to the affected tooth.
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