Can not Manage Your Life? – The iPhone Will Do it For You

Have you got preggy brain? Do you suffer from short term memory loss? Do you have to remember school cross country runs, school fairs, dentist and doctor's appointments as well as juggling your own work commitments? Then you need one single place to manage these!

If you are working and you have kids then you know exactly how busy life can get! Not only do you have to remember those important personal dates – birthdays, anniversaries etc, you need to co-ordinate school holidays, teacher only days, sports days not to mention remembering to send library books back with incurring fines!

Having these reminders in a multitude of places such as stuck to the fridge or in newsletters tucked away at the bottom of school bags leaves you in a state of disorganization and gives you a sense of lack of control.

Storing these appointments in one central place is the only way to manage this busy aspect of your life.

The iPhone provides integration with Microsoft Outlook which enables you to enter your appointments directly into either the iPhone or Microsoft Outlook. It will then synchronize so that each is completely updated.

Tips to manage your time efficiently.

Tip # 1 – As soon as you receive an appointment, enter it into the calendar. Make this a habit. Once you have entered the appointment or important date, and then throw away the newsletter or card the reminder came on. This will ensure you do not get overwhelmed with paper clutter.

Tip # 2 – Add the phone number and e-mail address details of all your important contacts such as the Doctor, Dentist, and School etc. This way you have full details on hand at all times so if you need to you can ring immediately and change the appointment.

Tip # 3 – Once a year, add all the birthdays, celebrations, school term dates into your calendar so that you do not forget any.

Tip # 4 – Use the Set Alarm feature in the iPhone to remind yourself of an upcoming appointment. This will ensure you are not late.

Tip # 5 – Add travel time into your calendar. If you have an appointment which you need to travel to, estimate the time you need and include that in your calendar as well. This will take the pressure of others booking your time just before you race out the door.

Time these days is so precious and busy, you can easily find yourself losing control if you do not organize your time by taking control yourself. By using some of the inherent features in the iPhone you can optimize your time and ensure that you do spend quality time with your family and friends. To find out more tips on using the iPhone to manage your life style visit iPhoneNewbie

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