Can a man doubt his paternity?

Can a man doubt his paternity?

Men are often thought to be unfaithful by nature, but men can also be victims of a woman’s infidelity. Even worse, when there is a pregnancy and the man has his doubts, the man may perform a paternity test at home. The goal is simple: the man wants to know if he will have parental responsibilities or not. The advantage of performing this type of test at home is that the couple can know the results in private without involving third parties such as family and friends. The paternity test becomes a tool that can help many men discover their partners were not only unfaithful but also that they are going to have a baby because of that infidelity. On the other hand, if the results are positive the man can take charge of his responsibility as a father without the need to continue with a relationship with a partner who was unfaithful.

Advantages of agreeing

The advantage of performing a paternity test at home is that its cost is more affordable than the test required in a legal trial. In addition, providing the samples is much faster and easier. However, for this type of test to work the couple has to be mature enough to come to an agreement. For example, if the test is positive but the woman refuses to allow the man to gain parental rights, the intervention of a judge will be necessary. Fighting child custody in court is a troublesome and costly process. The stress caused can affect the relationship the adults have with the child and therefore create emotional damage to the child. As adults, understand that the best option you have is to decide, amicably, the next steps to take after seeing the test results.

Inconveniences of a legal trial

If stubbornness and pride take over some parties, they will have to fight for custody of the child in court. The problem is that the judge will not only focus on who will have custody of the child but also on whether that person has the mental and financial ability to take care of a minor child. If neither parent has a home of their own and a stable source of income, the judge may surprise them with a decision to send the minor to a foster home. In other words, neither parent would have custody of the child. This would only affect the normal psychological and physical development of the child. As parents, you need to avoid this.

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