Blood – An Indicator of Health

Our blood is an interesting indicator of health, because not only is every cell in out body created from red blood cells, but our blood is what carries the essential elements needed to keep our body alive and healthy.

Everything we eat, drink or swallow will determine the quality of our blood, which will then determine the quality of our health. Nutrients will be transported into the blood stream from the microvilli which line the small intestines, and will be used to repair cells and to protect organs. These nutrients include protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals; un-fortunately however, the body will also absorb and pass through the blood stream toxins, which have either been consumed from dietary choices, or which have been breathed in from polluted air.

Consuming foods which are nutritionally deficient will not allow the body to repair cells or keep them healthy, and it's the cells in our bodies which are un-healthy that become mutated, and a mutated cell is a diseased cell. Foods which have little to no nutritional value and therefore are reducing your state of health include some of the following (these foods should be significantly reduced or eliminated from your diet): bread, pasta, rice, cereal, flour, sugar and hydrogenated oils.

Oxygen is also hugely important for the health of the blood stream and the body, poor oxygenated blood causes red blood cells to clump together and not flow easily through the body, this can result in the blockage of toxins within the blood stream which will significantly increase the risk of infection and illness such as cancer. In-fact, many cancer sufferers have been treated through the increase of oxygen within the body and the cancer infected area.

Water is another important area of ​​health for the blood stream, without water our blood would become dehydrated which inevitably results in the lack of essential nutrients the blood can carry around the body. In a dehydrated state, the blood will begin to dry out and mutate, a mutated cell is a diseased cell.

In general most people will feel that drink enough water, in reality though most people walk around in a dehydrated state. Either they do not drink enough water for their body mass (3.-4.litres per 1kg lean body mass) or they are not aware that drinking liquids such as coffee, alcohol and soft drinks dehydrate the body and the consumption of more water is required after drinking these particular liquids.

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