Bathroom Medicine Cabinets – How To Avoid Making A Big Remodeling Mistake

When you are considering remodeling your bathroom, you may not think that one of your larger decisions might be the medicine cabinet. While bathroom medicine cabinets have not changed all that much in their basic design, you may still be amazed at the dozens of different styles that are offered. Of course, there is always the traditional box medicine cabinet that is built in to the wall near the sink, but there are also other cabinets that can sit on the countertop or become part of a shelving unit that stands above the toilet tank. Some medicine cabinets are part of a beautiful freestanding piece of furniture that can also serve as a linen cabinet. These are just some of the different types of bathroom medicine cabinets.

Medicine cabinets also come in many different materials. There is the traditional glass and metal cabinet, but there are also many elaborate wooden cabinets and corner cabinets that can fit perfectly in that out of the way spot in the bathroom. This is especially useful in smaller bathrooms that need to consolidate every spare square inch that it can. There are medicine cabinets that come equipped with electricity and have the lighting fixture attached directly to it and cabinets with mirrors that are hardwired in order to create an area that will never fog up even in the steamiest of bathrooms.

If you want your bathroom to look more like a Victorian hideaway rather than a doctor's office, you can still find a medicine cabinet that will fit perfectly into your décor. There are cabinets that are built into the wall and yet look like a beautiful antique mirror with an ornate, gilded frame. Or you can choose a freestanding cabinet that is topped with crown molding and makes quite a dramatic statement especially in a large bathroom.

If you are going for a more modern look that and you would like something that is a little out of the ordinary, consider a mirrored cabinet that gives the illusion of hanging frameless and flush to the wall, but in actuality opens up to display many shelves . Another beautiful choice is a beveled mirror cabinet that is framed with a brushed nickel or brass frame.

Bathroom medicine cabinets can range in price anywhere from $ 50 to over $ 1000. You may never have realized all of the choices that are available in something as simple as a medicine cabinet. Do not overlook this wonderful opportunity to complete the total look and décor of your bathroom. Spend as much time choosing the perfect medicine cabinet as you do any of the other decorating decisions.

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