Bad Meat Blamed For Sluggish Dentist Marketing!

Have you heard the news?

Tour De France winner Alberto Contador tested positive for dope.

Which is not big news … my guess is all the pro-cyclists (including Lance) are dopers.

But apparently Mr. Contador is blaming contaminated meat for his positive drug test!

Get a load of that.

You … and I … and everyone should be scared because contaminated meat is crawling in grocery stores everywhere.

And if we eat this meat, we've got enough steroids pumping through our veins to throw a positive drug test!


So what's this got to do with your dental marketing?

Well, there's a lot of blaming going around these days.

And it sees "the contaminated economy" gets the most blame … from small business owners … who are scratching their heads … wondering why sales are down?

But, I've got another explanation for sluggish sales.

You see … for a long time … a lot of small business owners have not had to do much and business appeared to show up.

Not anymore.

It's a new economy. One where consumers have more choices … are more skeptical … and loyalty is out the door.

What this means for your dental practice … is you must become a savvy direct response marketer if you want to survive and thrive.

So how can you get a few hot direct response marketing campaigns campaigns burning down the road like a Tour De France cyclist?

1. Read and Study Direct Response Marketing!

2. Implement What You Learn!

3. Use Your Mistakes To Get Even Better!

As long as you have a burning desire to make your dental marketing successful, then you'll make it happen.

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