Awesome Ab Workouts With A Medicine Ball

To really get those rock hard abs that you want, you need to hit every area on your torso. A great device to use for this is definitely a medicine ball. Here are a couple of exercises to help you achieve your goal for those solid abs.

1. The Partner Twist- For this exercise go ahead and grab a buddy to help you out. You do not have to kneel you can stand as well. Crouch down and prop yourself up back-to-back with your partner keeping your core tight, twist to your right side with the ball in hand, and pass it off to your partner. Then twist to your right to retrieve the medicine ball. Rinse and repeat for around 50 seconds.

2. This next exercise is pretty fun, just make sure to be aware so you can catch the ball. Stand facing a wall, holding the medicine ball up to your chest, around 3 feet, keep your feet shoulder length apart and slightly bend your knees. With great force, throw the ball from your chest against the wall and then be ready to catch the ball when it backs back. Bring the ball back up to your chest before throwing it again, and of course be ready to catch it!

3. Medicine Ball Hits – For this exercise you are going to want to start with a lighter medicine ball and work your way up to avoid injury. Start with holding a ball with both of your hands and with a partner in front of you. Throw the ball at your partners gut and once it bounces off, your partner catches it. Once he or she catches it, they will then throw the medicine ball toward you. Just make sure to not touch the ball until after it hits.

4. Finally another great workout you can do with a ball, is the medicine ball sit-up. For this exercise you will also need a partner, sitting down and facing each other. Lay backwards with your feet firmly staying together and firmly on the ground, all while holding the ball in both of your hands. While lying on the floor, bringing the ball back above you and do a sit-up. As you bring your torso up throw the ball overhead and he or she will catch it and then go down. Once you both come back up they will throw the ball to you. This will tremendously work out your abs.

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