At Home Tooth Whitening Kits or UV Rays to Get White Teeth?

You will always run into information regarding how to get white teeth at home. New treatments arrive all the time, but there is only one treatment that has continued to work, and that is the treatment that your dentist will use. However, this has become quite expensive and people are now looking for a solution to get white teeth at home as cheap as they can. Lets take a look at different tooth whitening treatments.

UV Treatments- Expensive and will burn skin.

According to the Royal Society of Chemistry Journal, UV treatments can damage the eyes, particularly the retina, and facial skin, because of the radiation that is involved. An article in the Photo and Photobiological Research Lab proved that UV rays for bleaching your teeth had zero benefit to using an at-home bleaching agent.

To answer the question, are home kits superior to UV rays? Yes. Cosmetic dentistry has been trying to improve upon their teeth whitening skills so they can help you get whiter teeth without any side effects like UV rays provide. But they do cost a lot.

Many people do not realize that antibiotics can also cause your tooth enamel to have a dull appearance. For those who have a lot of money to whiten their teeth, they can choose laser whitening which will warm up each tooth, which will cause the active ingredient to bleach their teeth. However, whitening your teeth in your own home will not only whiten your smile effectively, but it has no side effects.

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