Are You Too Frustened to Go to the Dentist?

It's sad is not it that some people would rather have bad teeth and be too embarrassed to smile … rather than face their fears and go to a dentist. Many of these people have had a bad dental experience during their childhood.

Is there a solution?

Yes. There are many options available for nervous patients.

Firstly, make sure the dental practice you intend to visit specializes in treating anxious patients. Unfortunately, some dentists get nervous themselves when confronted with a anxious patient!

Secondly. Discuss with your dentist what anaesthetic options are open to you. Sedation involves an injection in the back of your hand. It will not put you to sleep but it will relax you. A welcome side-effect of many sedative drugs is that you will not remember the procedure.

In extreme cases your dentist may recommend a general anaesthetic. This means your actually sleep for the procedure. Make sure the practice has a fully trained anaesthetist. It may be possible to have the dental treatment in a private hospital. In these circumstances, your anaesthetist may even give you a pre-med to calm your nerves before going to the theater.

Thirdly, you could consider hypnosis. Check the internet or Yellow Page for a local clinic. Always make sure they are accredited. Some hypnotherapists offer a money-back guarantee if the treatment is unsuccessful.

Fourthly. Get the best cosmetic dentist available. Although all cosmetic dentists who've had specialist training must reach an acceptable standard … like any job, some dentists are more talented, more experienced and more knowledgeable than their colleagues.

Check they are accredited. Ask them their complication rates. How many similar dental treatments have they carried out.? And how recently? Look at their testimonials an before and after pictures.

Finally, remember that cosmetic dentistry has come a long way in recent years. Knowledge, equipment and regulation have all dramatically improved. This means you will have a different experience compared with any bad memories from the past.

Your smile is often the first thing that people notice about you. First impressions often stick. Do not let your fears hold you back. Get the smile you deserve. Think how more confident you'll be.

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