Anyone Can Get White Teeth Right at Home

Tooth whitening strips were created for those with a yellow tarnishing of the teeth. The strips are constructed of plastic and contain hydrogen peroxide coated on one of the sides. Depending on the level of the yellowing, the strips may be used nightly for as little as two weeks or as many as four. Although these whitening strips are not as effective as professional dental whitening, they still offer sufficient whiter teeth. Twenty to forty dollars will afford you one of many four week kits. There might be some difficulty getting the strips to adhere to the teeth completely, as a result, the front of the teeth may be more affected than the back.

You may also wear a mouth guard filled with whitening gel to whiten your teeth at home. This is just like the way the dentist whitens your teeth, except that the peroxide is not as strong in the kit you buy from the store. Furthermore, dentists make custom mouth guards for their clients. Finding a properly fitting mouth guard for an at home treatment may be problematic.

Many sets available on today's market include flexible mouth guards that will mold to the teeth. Ill fitting mouth guards may allow peroxide solution to leak, causing gum irritation. At home gel kits may whiten your teeth very quickly. Results are frequently visible after the original treatment.

There are a handful of home remedies that may prove useful, although some dentist warn against them. You may overlook slowly brighter teeth by brushing with baking soda. Be sure not to brush with more than ten percent strength hydrogen peroxide. Brush on tooth whiteners are somewhat effective while gel kits will produce greater results. For those with minimal discoloration, over the counter remedies are much more feasible than dental whitening.

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