An Appreciation of Andrew Weil – Founder of Integrative Medicine

Alternative health care enthusiasts argument against the value of drugs in most health care circumstances, advocating that no drug is a good one. Andrew Weil is on the fence. Weil proposes that patients regain health with both main and alternative medicine. Weil writes that primary medicine is well suited to crisis intervention and alternative medicine is best for prevention and health maintenance. His Integrative Medicine is a combination.

Andrew Weil was born in 1943, and later became a physician and popular American author. His work revolves around the idea that the focus of healing should be the body's own healing power. To implement that healing are nutrition, exercise and stress reduction. In the case of a health crisis the medical doctor must take over.

Weil was strongly influenced by osteopath Robert C Fulford. He also speaks openly about his past use of illegal substances and the fact that drugs are here to stay. He claims that humans have an innate need to alter consciousness, that there is no such thing as good or bad drugs and the consequence of a drug use depends on the person using them.

Weil's views on general health are supported by his botanical training, and he contends that whole plant compounds are less of a problem that the new chemical creations. He realizes that the profit of patentable compounds diverts attention away from low cost, simple therapies, where outcomes are often better. For more about Andrew Weil consult his books:

o The Natural Mind (1972 rev.2004)
o Marriage of Sun and Moon: Dispatches from the Frontiers of Consciousness
o Health and Healing (1983 rev 2004)
o From Chocolate to Morphine with Winnefred Rosen (1983 rev 2004)
o Spontaneous Healing (1995)
o Natural Health, Natural Medicine (1995 rev 2004)
o 8 weeks to Optimum Health (2000)
o Eating Well for Optimum Health (2000)
o The Healthy Kitchen with Rosie Daley (2002)
o Healthy Aging (2005)