Alternative Medicine – The Real Story

I admit I have had a checkered past. Nothing unclean or criminal, simply lost and depressed much of the time growing up. I just could not focus on a particular interest.

Like the psychology student who decides on a psych major to cure his / her own problems first, I decided health foods would be my forte '. I opened some stores, read a lot, listened to salespeople who appeared to "know it all", ran marathons to prove my health to the public, and then nearly died.

After that incident (major heart attack), I decided to learn from scholarly studies, not people hawking books, selling goods, and faux gurus who also were hawking goods.

As I read day and night I discovered a lot. Yes, diet is important, very important. Watching trans fats, sodium, too much meat (or any meat for many people) tend to be the basics. But there is much more to it than that.

As we grow older, our orgs, tend to "store" our past. Our past includes things like mercury, air pollution, and other toxins. They became lodged in the immune system weakening it. The biggest misnomer I've ever seen is when obits read "Died of natural causes". Nothing could be further from the truth. Toxins in the immune system are anything but "natural".

So a lot of people go to the health food store and stock up on vitamins and herb capsules. Good for them. Watch how good they feel. Not very. Ever tried it? I have. I was educated by herb salespersons and pretty brochures of smiling young radiant people who were allegedly taking herbal capsules and vitamins.

Here are some truths and myths I discovered after years of research and experimentation:

1. Organic / natural vitamins are better for you than synthetic ones. Myth. Neither do much of anything except take you to the bathroom more

2. Herbal capsules can relieve depression, help my heart, give me energy, ad infinitum Myth. Herbal capsules are garbage with almost zero if not zero medicinal value. Even organically grown. In many cases they hurt you more than help you. They are grown in third world countries without much regulation and much of the water is infected with dysentery and other bacteria.

3. Flash dried fruits and vitamins are healthy and work: Fact. These are live food with live enzymes. They are more expensive than vitamins but to call them vitamins is wrong. They are flash dried fruits and vegetables; the flash system keeps the enzymes alive which keep you alive. Regular health food or pharmacy vitamins have no live enzymes. Where do I get them? I know of one place, but I am certain there are others.

4. Herbal tinctures are what I should be taking. Well yes and no. Research first. Are they certified organically grown? Hopefully in the west where regulation is strict? If so, you're on the right track. There are, though some herbs, for instance, Una De gato or Cats Claw that is grown in the Peruvian rain forest only. Nowhere else in the world. It has more medicinal value than any other herb on the planet; thousands of times more than ginseng, and other more popular herbs. Medical research shows it can re boost the most run down of immune systems.

5. So if I take one herb for a certain problem, I'm in good shape. Myth. Herbs do not work alone. For instance, experts would not take ANY herbal tissue without mixing it with cayenne tincture. Cayenne has not only its own healing powers, but acts as a "taxi herb" which takes the other herb directly to the diseased organ or organs, preventing elimination before the herb has a chance to work. There are different levels of heat units (the way cayenne tincture is measured); the hotter the better. It starts at about 40,000 heat units and can be as hot as 200,000 heat units or more. I started with the 40k as the 200k was just too hot for me, even diluted very in juice. Within a few months, I was on the 200k and can almost take it straight with no dilution (I Do not recommend it). I take red clover and reishi mushroom for other reasons. Hawthorne berry keeps my heart in good shape as does fresh cloves of garlic which contain acillin (where penicillin got its name by the way). For garlic to work, you have to cut the clove and let oxygen in or the acillin has no medicinal value and is not even active.

This all sounds like a lot but if you want to improve your quality of life, I suggest you try it. Of course Do not believe me; the medical research is all over the web. Do not rely on "hype sites" trying to sell you something. There are botanical associations, even published research from MD Anderson Cancer Clinic (on una de gato) and NIH has various studies on herbs as does Sloane Kettering.

6. Jogging or bicycling is better than walking: Myth. The way we do our aerobic functioning is our own style. Some like indoor workouts, some swim. I like to walk and do so every day. There is no right or wrong way, no matter what the "gurus" tell us.

I am no longer in the health food industry but a cartoonist and in the image marketing business both digital and licensed products. I still feel compelled to share this type health information which I think is important to many who may be suffering and not know why.
Good luck and good health!

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