Alternative Medicine For ADHD – Which One Is Best For Your Child?

When we say alternative medicine for ADHD, we would be referring to a variety of alternative treatments for the disorder. There are many alternative treatments from which we can choose from. There is the behavioral therapy, diet therapy, bach flower remedies, herbal remedies, acupuncture, and often many other alternative methods.

With the different and varied alternative medicines available, it may have come into your mind which of them is the best for your ADHD child. In this article, we will tackle two of the ADHD alternative medicines – homeopathic remedies and diet therapy – and we will give a brief insight on each of them to give you an idea of ​​what each can do to an ADHD patient.

The most controversial among the alternative treatments for ADHD is perhaps the homeopathic remedies. For quite sometime now, there has been a long-time debate regarding the benefits of homeopathy to ADHD. Doctors and other professionals who work in medical establishments have taken a negative stand on the issue of homeopathy for ADHD probably because of the fact that it employs natural ingredients that are diluted much in water and may no longer contain the natural elements that can address the problem of the disorder. Nonetheless, some clinical and laboratory tests have shown that some homeopathic remedies indeed provide positive improvements to several ADHD patients. The homeopathic ingredients that were found to be most effective in these studies are Cina, Stramonium, and Hyoscyamus niger.

Now, you may wonder again which of these three homeopathic treatments may be best for your child. Let us take a quick look at each of these homeopathic ingredients.

Cina, also known as octopus cactus, is a type of cactus that can be found in Mexico. This has been used to treat a variety of disorders including Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. It is usually given to individuals who constantly show signs of physical aggression. This ADHD alternative medicine has been found to be highly effective in some ADHD patients.

Stramonium may be best for ADHD children who are irritable and constantly experience mood swings. It is also said to have positive benefits to children who have post-traumatic stress syndrome and those who have irrational fears.

Meanwhile, Hyoscyamus niger is an alternative medicine for ADHD which may be good for ADHD children who have difficulty paying attention, are impulsive and can not control their disruptive behavior, and those who tend to be uncontrollable.

Aside from homeopathy for ADHD, diet therapy is also one alternative treatment which may do well for your ADHD child. The concept of this alternative medicine for ADHD is derived from the belief that ADHD symptoms may be caused by the diet. Under this therapy, ADHD patients are advised not to eat foods which contain high levels of sugar as it is believed that sugar can aggravate ADHD symptoms. It is also advised to give ADHD patients foods which are rich in omega 3 and other essential fatty acids.

It may be hard to determine which alternative medicine is best for your ADHD patient. Like prescription drugs, these alternative medicines may also not work for some ADHD patients while some may gain many benefits from them. However, it may be worth trying to give your child alternative medication. By trying each alternative medicine, you may just come across one that will work perfectly for your child.

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