Alternative Medicine – Digital Education in the Ecosystem

There are new algorithms programmed on the internet with new commands and support for users. The Internet is designed with deep neural networks that recognize the user through the profile, browsing sites, subjects and categories, web traffic internet scores for impact, web traffic engagement, styles of marketing, formality and level of work.

The internet provides users with a system of keywords, hash tags, titles, subtitles and meta data, brand identity, image association, which automatically creates a magnet for the user to recognize, and be recognized by the field. The keywords, skills, and tags, associated with the user (in this case the alternative therapist), generate the most relevant data, post shares, profile connections and information in the social feed. For instance a shiatsu therapist, will notice zen systems, acupuncture systems, tuina systems, articles, pages and practitioners will now appear in a feedly stream, slack stream, klout stream, linked in stream or favorite news stream.

A shiatsu therapist not familiar with the internet, not with a digital blueprint, developed profile, awards, honors and skills listed, will not find relevant data linked to his social networks and streams. Self-support must be engineered through profile development, skill listing, image optimization, elite and active promotional activities. Paid campaigns and leads boost the user profile and attract targeted audience. Facebook, linked In and slide share are favored sites for generating leads and acquiring recognition. This is essential for career development, as the clientele contacts the Internet for best practitioners and good profile records.

The jargon from posts released daily on the internet on bots and new programs under development, may confuse issues more than support. There is care needed from systems related to artificial intelligence. The new internet has bot programs which recognize documents and their sources, images, users, visitors and records. These bots must be identified and put to use. A therapist may use a CRM with bots that recognize information and provide support. Slack also has popular bots that do the work. In this arrangement the receptionist can ask the bot to recognize an older customer revisiting, which records are lost, and locate them. Incase a client has a false name or identity, the bot can recognize it. Bots can also keep data secure.

Other new arrangements include app integrations which can assess phone calls and their capacity to manage customer care protocols. They can also use radar based face mapping to identify visitors secretly, via computer cameras. This is technology used for developing metadata and big data. There are endless supporting integrations available to manage updates on research, fast tracking of information needed, alternative referral programs, therapy networks and marketers.

In the case of advanced companies and marketers, substantial data will be available on the customer. The internet applications can pull out confidential information and identify socio-economic status. In some companies support can be generated via unseen social and economic networks, to support the customers special needs. There is programmed levels of management that discretely provide internal security and comfort in means.

The level at which the alternative practitioner operates shows up significantly on the internet. Career boosting is based on the 360 ​​degree turnaround.

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