A Fitness Model Tried Chris Hemsworth’s ‘Thor’ Diet for a Day

Photo credit: Marvel Studios

Chris Hemsworth, already one of the most shredded guys in showbiz, has packed on an extra 30 pounds in order to be swoler than ever for the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder. In a new YouTube video, bodybuilder Aseel Soueid spends the day following the diet plan that Hemsworth ate to support those gains. That means eating over 4,000 calories and more than 300 grams of protein

Breakfast is a salted caramel protein smoothie made with banana, oats, collard greens, kale and spinach. “If you are a hardgainer, this is pretty good,” says Soueid. “Lots of carbs, lots of protein, low in fat… I would never drink this, I would literally be Fat Thor.”

The second meal of the day, which counts as the pre-workout meal, is more of a bro staple: chicken, rice and vegetables. This recipe calls for thighs rather than chicken breast, upping the ratio of fats, making it a decent bulking meal.

After doing back-to-back training sessions inspired by the content that Hemsworth has been posting to his own Instagram, Soueid heads home again for the post-workout meal: lamb chops with sweet potatoes. Shortly after, it’s time for the fourth meal, seared salmon with mushrooms and broccoli.

The fifth meal is a repeat: more chicken thighs, wild rice, and veggies. Because bro. “The meals just don’t end,” he moans.

The sixth and final meal of the day consists of dark chocolate, peanut butter, and medjool dates (a go-to treat in Hemsworth’s diet plan). “Holy shit, that tastes so good,” says Soueid. “Chris Hemsworth, you’re a genius!”

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