A Dentist Knows the Reasons for Loose Teeth in Adults

Men and women are only invited to experience loose teeth at one stage in life: as little children. Around five years of age most boys and girls begin to lose their primary teeth or baby teeth to make room for their larger secondary or permanent teeth. This exchange typically ends by nine or ten years of age. This process is in the coding of one's DNA to occur with the growth of the body and before puberty as the child begins to take on their older size and appearance. Many parents mistakenly inform their children from a very young age that "you're going to lose those baby teeth anyway" so they do not make sure the child is sustaining proper dental hygiene practices, consuming adequate calcium or avoiding sugary snacks at all hours of the day and night. This can lead to early cavities.

A little known fact is, however, that whatever decay occurred with the health of one's primary teeth heightens the chances of decay issues with the primary teeth. And this heightened decay at an early age and through one's life is what leads to tooth loss as an adult. A pediatrician and the general dentist one seeks through his or her adult life will inform each patient of the fact that untreated cavities lead to loss, it is just how decay works. And once the cavity deteriorates the tooth down to the root and infection of the root can lead to an infection of the nerve and jaw bone nearby. Decay on the surface of the tooth only has one direction to go if it is not removed in time and each person requires a dentist in order to do that. Many men and women are afraid to go to the dentist because of the need for surgery and because of the price of those required procedures. But these days there are dental offices with flexible financing options and payment plans that should eliminate the excuse of not taking care of the decay that's destroying one's teeth.

A dentist knows the reasons why adults lose their teeth and it starts with the patient's health routine. They may be facing a bone deficiency that causes a shift of the teeth; they may be facing severe periodontitis which also allows a loosing of the teeth because the gums can not longer hold them securely; Egypt, they may be facing severe tooth decay that can advanced to the root that is no longer as solid as it once was. It is this group of individuals who have not been caring for their bones, teeth or gums that require that specialized attention of a skilled dental office. They need long term dental assistance in order to either improve the secure position of their teeth or pull rotting teeth and perform prosthetic replacement. Just because the patient made a few mistakes or has a few health issues does not mean he or she should live without their teeth.

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