11 Dental Terms You Should Know

Before your next dentist visit brush up on some of the terms your dental professionals may use. With the dental technology advances that have been made in the last few decades, terms may come up in conversation that you have not heard before. Be ready for your discussions with your Herrin cosmetic dentist by brushing up on the 11 latest and most important terms. Southern Illinois cosmetic dentists want your experience to be as trouble free as possible. Learn a few more terms and be an informed patient the next time you visit your Herrin gentle dentist.

1) Bonding:
Bonding is an adhesive dental restoration technique. Bonding is a procedure to exist tooth-colored resin to the tooth's surface, creating a bond. Bonding is performed by Herrin cosmetic dentists with a tooth-colored composite resin to repair and / or change the color or shape of a tooth. Resin is used for bonding due to its similarities to enamel. The composite resin bonding process is where the resin is bonded to a tooth's surface, but then sculpted into shape, hardened, and polished.

2) DDS:
DDS is short for "Doctor of Dental Surgery," DDS is equivalent to DMD.

3) DMD:
DMD is short for "Doctor of Medical Dentistry," DMD is equivalent to DDS.

4) Veneer:
Veneers are plastic or porcelain bonded directly to the facing of a tooth by your cosmetic dentist to improve your teeth's appearance, and fix your smile. Southern Illinois cosmetic dentists use special composite ultra-thin laminates or porcelain bonded to teeth. Typically, Herrin cosmetic dentists use veneers for repairing worn, cracked, and chipped teeth.

5) Impression:
An impression is a mold made of the teeth and soft tissues by your dentist to get an accurate model of your mouth before having major implant, bridge, or denture work done. Impressions are also taken to properly fit custom mouth guards.

6) Mouth Guard:
A mouth guard, or night guard, is an acrylic appliance used to prevent wear and temporomandibular damage caused by grinding the teeth while sleeping.

7) Intraoral Camera:
An intraoral camera is a small video camera your dentist uses to view and magnify oral conditions. With many intraoral cameras images may be printed by your Herrin dental professionals.

8) Laughing Gas:
Laughing gas, properly called Nitrous oxide, is an odorless inhaled anesthetic that produces relative analgesic (sedation); decreases anxiety and creates a state of relaxation. Laughing gas is a general anesthetic used by Herrin gentle dentists to make your experience less traumatic if you experience dental fear and dental phobia.

9) Pit:
A pit is a small defect in your tooth's enamel. Pits often appear when the four formative lobes of a developing tooth join.

10) Implant:
An implant is a fixed dental appliance used for the replacement of a tooth by a Herrin cosmetic dentist. An artificial device replacing tooth root is often made of titanium. The implant may anchor an artificial tooth, bridge, or denture.

11) Crown:
A crown is a dental restoration performed by a Herrin cosmetic dentist covering all or almost all of your natural tooth. Crowns are covers, caps, or replacements used to restore the missing part of a damaged tooth.

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