10 Questions That Could Immediately Determine Your Colon Health

Gastric pain, bloating in the stomach, mouth ulcer, farting and constipation are some of the signs telling you that your colon is in danger. If you ignore these signals, your health condition will deteriorate.

Most chronic diseases begin with a dirty and sluggish colon. Inquiring into the following 10 items, you can easily gauge for yourself the condition of your colon and how well it is functioning.

1. Are your daily meals fresh, nutritious, balanced and match your activities?

– Nutrition and sufficient fiber in your diet is of utmost importance to your well being.

2. Do you exercise at least 3-4 times a week?

– Exercises tone up muscles, especially the colon to strengthen natural bowel movements

3. How well are you managing your stress?

– Tensions, emotional and mental stress affect your digestion and elimination process. Organs become sluggish and this causes chemical imbalance and abnormal secretions. All these will upset your body systems.

4. Do you drink coffee, alcohol, carbonated drinks and smoke?

– All these raise toxic level in your body and upset the functions of your gastro-intestinal tract and nervous system.

5. Are you drinking sufficient clean water (at least 2 liters) daily?

– When thirsty, do you go for coffee, beverages, canned drinks, etc., instead of plain water? This habit causes dehydration which will alter the consistency of the mucous lining of the colon that helps lubricate the removal of wastes.

6. How well do you heed nature's call?

– Ignoring the urge to eliminate (bowel and bladder) stresses cells / tissues and organs, causing congestion of wastes and autointoxication eventually.

7. Do you have the tendency to use laxatives, antibiotics, pain killers?

– These eliminate friendly bacteria in your gut and cause intestinal flora imbalance, leaving a conductive breeding ground for harmful bacteria that contribute to chronic diseases. Laxatives irritate and weakened bowel tone for natural peristaltic movement in removing waste.

8. Are you living a healthy lifestyle?

– Irregular meals, poor choices of foods and late nights strain and weakened your immune system and nerve force that could affect bowel function.

9. How much is your elimination each time?

– Studies have proven that using the toilet toilet for elimination (sitting position) does not remove waste thoroughly from your bowel. Wastes left behind will harden and block the colon causing many chronic diseases. The squatting position eliminate wastes faster and complete without training the colon and other organs.

10. Are you taking sufficient dosage of probiotics in your diet?

– Probiotics (friendly bacteria) supports digestion and absorption of nutrients. A good balance ratio of probiotics and bad bacteria is 85:15. Most people have the opposition ratio which is one of the reasons for chronic illnesses.

The above 10 inquiries are some main causes of poor colon functions. If you are experiencing any abnormal colon conditions, do not wait any further. Do seek support from your trusted health-care professional.

You may consider making adjustments to your diet and lifestyle too. Note that apart from colon cleansing, a healthy colon also needs sufficient water, good nerve and muscle tone, right amount of required nutrients and good circulation.

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