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Lower Your Premiums With Florida Health Savings Account Plans (HSA)

I would like to talk to you today about Florida Health Savings Account plans (Florida HSA). This is a type of health insurance plan that offers very low cost premiums with a somewhat higher deductible.

Many of you have discovered how great these plans can be and have already taken advantage of them. The rest of you still have a frame of mind that prevails you from buying these cost-saving Florida health insurance plans. You still think that you will be able to buy a plan with low co-pays, covers everything and has a $ 100 deductible. Then again, many of you still hold on to the hope that Santa Claus is a real person.

Let's say you are sitting in your living room and a baseball flies through the window. It breaks a pane of glass. You call to have it repaired and the charges total $ 100. Your homeowner's policy has a $ 5,000 deductible so you pay out of pocket.

Chances are you do not spend the next day shouting about your rotten homeowner's policy that would not reimburse you the $ 100. Chances are that you do not shout at your home owner's insurance agent about "What the hell do I pay premiums for?"

Why? It is because you bought the policy to help pay for the things that can happen to a home that cost a lot of money. Situations like a fire or a hurricane. You are smart enough to know that if they paid for the broken window, your homeowner's plan would be even more outrageously expensive than it already is. You can pay for the window and your children will still eat tomorrow.

The purpose of insurance, any type of insurance, is to provide financial help for those situations that would have a hardship if we had to pay out of own pockets. The degree to which you want to be protected, in other words the amount of compensation you receive and the deductible (the amount you have to pay before the insurance company does), will determine how much you pay for insurance. It is as simple as that.

Those of you looking for a Florida health insurance plan with $ 10 co-pays, $ 100 deductibles, vision, dental and a limo to pick you up and take you to the doctor are living in a dream world. Health insurance premiums in Florida, in case you did not notice, are going up each year 8% to 20% depending on the carrier and plan.

Now, let's talk about an intelligent solution. The rest of this discussion will assume a working knowledge of 4th grade arithmetic. You do NOT have to smarter than a 5th grader to understand all of this.

All of our HSA plans are PPO's. In other words, if you go to a network provider (physician, lab, testing facility, etc.) you are owed to the discounted PPO rate for services. You will pay the reduced rate the insurance company pays. A physician …

The Mega Trends in the Dental Profession

Over recent times, many articles have been written on vast areas of dentistry and practicing, yet one important area seems to be overlooked – The mega trends in the dental profession. Today, we live in a rapidly changing society and there is much legislation that could completely change the landscape of practicing, hence the need to optimize performance to suit these changing times.

There is need to differentiate between mega trends and micro trends in the dental sub-sector. Micro trends refer to the minor developments which affect the way dentistry is practiced. Micro trends affect the manner in which certain tasks are done, yet they do not change the fundamentals of dental care.

On the hand, it should be understood that mega trends have a permanent impact on how practice is carried out. Among the most popular mega trends are the following: OHS compliance, reduced availability of dental staff, decreased funding for dental education and ensuring you meet the requirements of AHPRA, just to name a few. While most dental professionals are aware of micro trends, they have the obligation to understand any mega trends and respond appropriately

Government Regulations

Over the last 20 years, there has been a gradual increase in the amount of government regulations in dentistry. The increased government regulations have been largely due to the Occupational Health and Safety regulations, popularly known as OHS. These regulations were formulated in the mid 1980’s following the discovery of AIDS and its identification as a major public health issue.

AHPRA is the governing body in the Dental Industry with ALL practices n the health sector required to meet their changing standards

Dental Insurance

Dental coverage as a mega trend looms on the horizon. Over the next 10 years, more and more Australians will take out Dental Insurance or have it provided by their employers. As patients covered by the insurance plans will be searching for practices that participate, which hopefully most already do. As the number of people covered by dental insurance rises, the maximum benefits will remain the same and will have a huge impact on overall profitability of the practice.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Technologies and materials are ever changing and improving as we know and it is important to be up to date with these advances. Why – not only to carry out superior and high quality treatments, yet to be at a distinct advantage in the market.

The challenge for many practitioners is that around 80 percent of appointments are still for single tooth treatments, a figure that represents a mere reduction by 6 percent when compared to 20 years ago. The only way to turn these statistical figures around is by adapting to mega trends on diagnosis and also on treatment. A large percentage of appointments require deeper diagnosis and comprehensive treatment than is currently evident. Are you recognizing the opportunity to remain not only more productive and accurate in diagnosis, yet also profitable? When a practitioner carries out a more comprehensive diagnosis, a duty …