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Alcohol Addiction

A tremendous amount of medical and psychological research has taken place to determine the exact nature of alcohol abuse. Few people would have difficulty diagnosing alcohol addiction in the wino passed out on the sidewalk. We know that any drinking by a pregnant woman is alcohol abuse due to its propensity to cause fetal alcohol syndrome. It additionally is associated with birth defects, and childhood mental problems. But what about the other end of the spectrum: Where does the defined line for the problem begin?

The first character of alcohol abuse is maladaptive behavior. Is one using alcohol to cope with stress, social ill-ease, depression, grief, social isolation, or other human situations which require more constructive solutions? What are the repercussions? Is the alcohol use contributing to the failure of the drinker to meet obligations? Has it caused run-ins with the law? Has alcohol use placed one in risky situations like drinking and driving? Does the drinker continue to use alcohol in spite of interpersonal or social problems? A positive response in any of these areas suggests alcohol abuse.

When does alcohol addiction or dependence occurs? One of the first signs is tolerance: it takes more and more alcohol to achieve the desired effect. Of people who are alcohol addicted, over 50% will have withdrawal symptoms when absence is attempted. Withdrawal can be in the form of extreme anxiety, depression, panic, hallucinations, and even seizures. The alcohol addict will use more alcohol than he intended, and will have difficulty controlling the quantities consumed. Quite often, he or she sets large quantities of time which he or she devotes to the consumption of alcohol. Their work or school performance may begin to slip through neglect. Often they will continue to use alcohol in spite of medical conditions which absolutely contraindicate its use.

How prevalent is the problem? Well, the average American male has a one in five chance of developing alcohol addiction. One in four will seek treatment on his own initiative. Alcohol use is exaggerated in the 18 to 20 year old groups. Abuse and addiction can develop by the mid twenties. The risk of alcohol dependence falls off some 90% at thirty, and to even less at age forty, although 10% of alcohol addicts develop the problem after age 40.

The National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Addiction has gathered a lot of data, and along with other experts, has set up criteria for alcohol abuse and addiction. In healthy males up to 65 years old, the limits are no more than four drinks a day or fourteen a week. For women and men over 65, the limits are three drinks per day or seven per week. A drink is defined as ten to fourteen grams of absolute ethanol which is contained in a 0.6 ounce shot glass, a glass of wine or a beer.

What are the health repercussions of alcohol abuse and dependency? It has been shown that the risk of early death is increased three to …

Home Remedies With Natural Cure Medicines

“Take two teaspoons twice a day from this bottle, one of these pills once a day after lunch and 1 of these pills every four hours if the pain persist but don’t take more than 4 every 24 hours” – I’m sure you have heard something like that at least once during your lifetime, most people might be used to hearing these prescription instructions from their pharmacists but what do these pills do to your body in the long term? Are you suffering from a disease so severe that it definitively needs to be taken care by prescription drugs?

Unless you are a doctor, a pharmacist or have knowledge of medicine, you don’t know what goes into these drugs; US is the country where several prescription drugs are made and also the country where the most prescription drugs are recalled due to unwanted side effects, taking these facts in consideration you should always try to use as many natural remedies as possible, not only do they not produce nasty side effects, they target your illness and are less expensive than even over-the-counter medicine.

At this point you might be thinking “yeap, another article promoting natural pills” – this is actually not the case, anything that is put in form of a pill has gone through a process where other substances have been added in order to preserve the drug from going bad and for several other reasons, so regardless of how many “all natural” labels the drug may have it still has substances unknown to you.

When using natural home remedies to treat your illnesses it is very important for you to do your own research, don’t take this and that just because a friend told you so; they probably heard this solution from someone who was just speculating or heard it works or they might even have confused the solution with something that sounds similar.

Natural remedies are all about the knowledge of what plants and herbs have the necessary chemicals to treat your ailment, for instance it is general knowledge that fresh lemon juice mixed with a few tablespoons of honey have the ingredients necessary to help you regain your health after suffering from the common cold and did you know that one tablespoon of onion juice mixed with a few drops of honey can keep you from catching a cold? It might not sound that nice but it is an absolutely natural way to prevent the common cold and the after taste can be solved by brushing your teeth and using some mouth wash which is what you should be doing at least 3 times a day anyway.

Natural remedies can be the perfect solution if your ailment is not extremely severe, so while prescription medication should be avoided at all costs if your condition worsens then it is imperative you contact your doctor. Use your common sense and keep yourself healthy!…

Alternatives to Medicine

Let's face it, Doctors are very quick to prescribe medication. But sometimes, the side effects of the medication are worse than the actual illness. Do we want to spend our lives depending on some pill to make us better? No! We can do things to make us better.

There are many types of alternative medicines. They include massage therapy, acupuncture, new age healing, special diets, music therapy, aromatherapy, herbal medicine and much more. Alternative medicine can help migraines, chronic pain, back pain and more! It has also been used by a lot of terminally ill patients, a lot of AIDS or cancer victims prefer it.

There are many different kinds of alternative medicine, you just have to find out which one is right for you. There is so much information on the internet about alternatives to medicine for so many different kinds of disease. What is the hurt in trying?

I am actually using acupuncture for my migraines, and I've seen such a difference. The thought of acupuncture is way worse than it actually is! Most of the time, I do not even feel the needle going into my head. All I feel is deep relaxation and the pain escaping my body. You do not know until you try. I think too many people give up on chronic pain, there maybe something you can do to get your life back.

Try! That's the best advice. And if something does not work, try something else. Is not living worth it? You owe it to yourself. Research and talk to your Doctor, and hopefully you will find the right treatment for you. …