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Four Things That Will Affect Your Dog's Health

Most dog owners regard their dog as one of the family. We want to do everything possible to keep our dogs healthy and happy. Learning about dog health is important for all dog owners – a healthy dog ​​is a better canine companion and provides more enjoyment. Here are a few tips about dog health that can help keep your dog in top shape.

Proper Nutrition

Good health starts with dog nutrition. Giving your dog high quality food that has the proper nutrients is the best way to maintain the health of your dog. Poor quality food, on the other hand, can actually contribute to the deterioration of your pet's health. Cheap dog food is loaded with grains which have been overcooked so that your dog can digest them. This kind of food is not very nutritious so it has to be supplemented with vitamins and minerals.

Dogs are carnivores, so they need lots of meat. You can also give them vegetables and a certain amount of grain based dog food, but the bulk of their diet should be meat – high-quality meat. Pet food manufacturers are allowed to use meat from sick or disabled animals – all the meat that is "unfit for human consumption." This type of meat is used in the cheapest dog food, so it's worth it to buy the best food you can afford.

Getting Enough Exercise

The next step in maintaining dog health is exercise. Just like humans, dogs need plenty of exercise to stay in top shape. One of the great benefits of dog ownership is you can take your exercise together – going for a walk twice a day with Rover is a great way to keep in shape and get some fresh air.

One of the best things you can do for dog health is to keep him from becoming overweight. Many owners give their dogs too much food and not enough exercise. Overweight dogs are susceptible to all sorts of health problems and live shorter lives than slim dogs.

Preventing obesity in your dog is simple – do not give him too much food and give him plenty of exercise. Your veterinarian bills will go down and your pooch will be happier.

Prevention of Common Diseases

Even with the best care, your dog may still get sick. Here are four of the most common canine diseases and what you can do to treat them.

Distemper is a deadly viral disease. Dogs can catch it from other dogs through contact with saliva, urine and feces. Symptoms include runny nose, coughing, sneezing, diarrhea and lack of appetite. If you notice any of theses symptoms, especially in puppies, take your dog to the vet immediately. The longer you wait for treatment the less likely it is that your dog will survive. There is a vaccine for distemper that will protect your dog and is given once year.

Rabies is a serious disease that affects the central nervous system. It is typically transmitted through …