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8 Benefits of Having Dental Veneers

A perfect smile was once definitely a dream for most people. There were some individuals who never achieved a breath-taking smile and just had to face the world with their yellow or dark-colored, chipped or uneven teeth. Cheer up! With modern cosmetic dentistry the impossible is now possible.

Dental veneer is a type of cosmetic alteration that employs thin, semi-transparent coverings made from porcelain and are permanently bonded to your teeth. Veneering is an amazing procedure that improves your teeth's appearance. What are the 8 benefits of having veneers?

1. Effortless and trouble-free application. The procedure involves only bonding the custom-designed material to your teeth with little or no need for an anesthesia – it is definitely painless. You can have more than one tooth covered at a time, so it's fast with almost instant results that are amazing and worthwhile.

2. Stress-free. This procedure is non-invasive and so the stress of having to anticipate the experience of pain is removed.

3. Lasting color. While some dental cosmetic application fades over time, dental veneers will not discolor with the passing of time because of their resistance to stains.

4. Very resistant to fractures. Even if porcelain is intrinsically brittle, it becomes resilient once glued to the tooth.

5. Less expensive. Crowns, traditional braces and resin fillings used to dominate the cosmetic dentistry market. Now that veneers are available, you can have more choices for the same purpose. Veneers are much cheaper and less time-consuming than crowns.

6. Rough edges of the tooth are removed before finally pressing the dental veneer to your tooth. Veneers are also smooth and the most naturally appearing concealment for a wide variety of dental flaws.

7. Veneers are a sound and reliable substitute to other orthodontic procedures. Traditional braces may not be so appealing anymore. Dental treatment that would normally necessitate braces can now be replaced by veneers.

8. Veneers offer self-esteem and self-image enrichment. Smiling becomes easy and natural and you feel good all the time you are in a crowd.

Anyone who wants to change the way their teeth look should consider the benefits of having veneers. Veneers can serve the purpose you've had them, and that is to own that perfectly natural and beautiful smile. Veneers can last for years especially when given regular proper care and dental hygiene. Your dentist will always be glad to discuss the procedures involved in the application of dental veneers and all the cosmetic dental options fitted to you. …

Bad Meat Blamed For Sluggish Dentist Marketing!

Have you heard the news?

Tour De France winner Alberto Contador tested positive for dope.

Which is not big news … my guess is all the pro-cyclists (including Lance) are dopers.

But apparently Mr. Contador is blaming contaminated meat for his positive drug test!

Get a load of that.

You … and I … and everyone should be scared because contaminated meat is crawling in grocery stores everywhere.

And if we eat this meat, we've got enough steroids pumping through our veins to throw a positive drug test!


So what's this got to do with your dental marketing?

Well, there's a lot of blaming going around these days.

And it sees "the contaminated economy" gets the most blame … from small business owners … who are scratching their heads … wondering why sales are down?

But, I've got another explanation for sluggish sales.

You see … for a long time … a lot of small business owners have not had to do much and business appeared to show up.

Not anymore.

It's a new economy. One where consumers have more choices … are more skeptical … and loyalty is out the door.

What this means for your dental practice … is you must become a savvy direct response marketer if you want to survive and thrive.

So how can you get a few hot direct response marketing campaigns campaigns burning down the road like a Tour De France cyclist?

1. Read and Study Direct Response Marketing!

2. Implement What You Learn!

3. Use Your Mistakes To Get Even Better!

As long as you have a burning desire to make your dental marketing successful, then you'll make it happen. …