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Four Things That Will Affect Your Dog's Health

Most dog owners regard their dog as one of the family. We want to do everything possible to keep our dogs healthy and happy. Learning about dog health is important for all dog owners – a healthy dog ​​is a better canine companion and provides more enjoyment. Here are a few tips about dog health that can help keep your dog in top shape.

Proper Nutrition

Good health starts with dog nutrition. Giving your dog high quality food that has the proper nutrients is the best way to maintain the health of your dog. Poor quality food, on the other hand, can actually contribute to the deterioration of your pet's health. Cheap dog food is loaded with grains which have been overcooked so that your dog can digest them. This kind of food is not very nutritious so it has to be supplemented with vitamins and minerals.

Dogs are carnivores, so they need lots of meat. You can also give them vegetables and a certain amount of grain based dog food, but the bulk of their diet should be meat – high-quality meat. Pet food manufacturers are allowed to use meat from sick or disabled animals – all the meat that is "unfit for human consumption." This type of meat is used in the cheapest dog food, so it's worth it to buy the best food you can afford.

Getting Enough Exercise

The next step in maintaining dog health is exercise. Just like humans, dogs need plenty of exercise to stay in top shape. One of the great benefits of dog ownership is you can take your exercise together – going for a walk twice a day with Rover is a great way to keep in shape and get some fresh air.

One of the best things you can do for dog health is to keep him from becoming overweight. Many owners give their dogs too much food and not enough exercise. Overweight dogs are susceptible to all sorts of health problems and live shorter lives than slim dogs.

Preventing obesity in your dog is simple – do not give him too much food and give him plenty of exercise. Your veterinarian bills will go down and your pooch will be happier.

Prevention of Common Diseases

Even with the best care, your dog may still get sick. Here are four of the most common canine diseases and what you can do to treat them.

Distemper is a deadly viral disease. Dogs can catch it from other dogs through contact with saliva, urine and feces. Symptoms include runny nose, coughing, sneezing, diarrhea and lack of appetite. If you notice any of theses symptoms, especially in puppies, take your dog to the vet immediately. The longer you wait for treatment the less likely it is that your dog will survive. There is a vaccine for distemper that will protect your dog and is given once year.

Rabies is a serious disease that affects the central nervous system. It is typically transmitted through …

The Best Treatment For the Inattentive ADHD and ADD

The best medicine for ADHD Inattentive (ADHD-PI) or Inattentive ADD is probably not Ritalin. There are some psychiatrists that believe that Inattentive ADD or ADHD-PI may not be ADHD at all and that patients with this subtype of ADHD may respond altogether differently than the other subtypes to stimulant medication.

Dr. Russell Barkley, a foremost authority on ADHD, has written this about treating the inattentive subtype of ADHD: "These children do not respond to stimulants anywhere near as well as AD / HD hyperactive, impulsive children do. will show a sufficient therapeutic response to maintain them on medication after an initial period of titration. Ninety-two percent of AD / HD children respond to stimulants. Twenty percent of these children respond to stimulants and the AD is HD. going to respond at all, it's at very light doses, small doses. "

Many people with ADHD-PI however, successfully use stimulant treatment. For some people even a mild improvement is reason enough to stay on the medication. The best medicine is always tailor to each individual but there is data that Ritalin works less well for ADHD-PI than the Adderall family of drugs. It would be nice, I think, to have an easy and quick reference for the medicines used to treat for Primarily Inattentive ADHD. To better understand the treatments available, a very basic lesson in the biology of ADHD is handy.

All types of ADHD are thought to be the result of a problem with neurotransmitters in our brain. The two neurotransmitters that cause the major symptoms of ADHD are Dopamine and Epinephrine (norepinephrine). Very simply stated, a low amount of dopamine in our brain will cause hyperactivity and impulsivity. A low amount of epinephrine will cause lack of focus, lethargy, and mental fatigue. Serotonin, another neurotransmitter, is secreted and depleted in tandem with dopamine and epinephrine. Low levels of serotonin make us irritable, tired, and depressed. The level of circulating serotonin is related to the levels of these other two neurotransmitters and vice versa.

All the treatments for ADHD work to optimize neurotransmitter function in the brain. The Ritalin (Methylphenidate) family works by increasing both brain dopamine and epinephrine. The Adderall (Amphetamine) family works by increasing brain epinephrine and dopamine but this family of drugs increases dopamine by only about half as much as Methylphenidate. Strattera (atomoxetine) works by increasing brain norepinephrine. Guanfacine (Intuniv) regulates the flow and effectiveness of neurotransmitter receptors in the brain in a way that reduces hyperactivity, improves working memory, and diminishes impulsivity, and distractibility.

So what is the best medicine for ADHD-PI? Some doctors believe that the Adderall family works better than the Ritalin family for the inattentives as the medication's effects on norepinephrine are greater than the effects on dopamine. All stimulants can make some inattentives anxious but ADHD-PI patients seem to tolerate the amphetamines better than they tolerate the Ritalin family.

It would seem that using this very simple understanding of the biology of ADHD, that Strattera should work the best for ADHD-PI. …

Better Health in the Raw

I've been home with my dad for the past few months.

He had a stroke and needed some support while recuperating.

It's been like – I'm the parent and dad is the child.

And as a parent, I've been in charge of the meals.

The first thing we did was to remove the fuses from the stove – a safety factor following a minor mishap.

That opened up the question from dad – "What do we eat now – we can not cook?"

"Leave that to me" I said, "I'm a bit of a gourmet salad maker."

And so for the past two months or so, dad and I have been living on a raw diet of fruits, vegetable salads, dried fruits, cheeses and some wonderful wholemeal breads.

o Dad has lost a bit of weight – and I've earned a bit – go figure!

o Dad is sleeping better – in fact, he now sleeps through the night whereas before, he was up and down like a monkey in a coconut tree.

o His bowels are functioning a lot more regularly.

o The pain that he was regularly experiencing in parts of his body is now intermittent and of less severity.

o He gets out and walks for 20 minutes each day, greeting people in the neighborhood and stopping for occasional visits with friends.

o His eyesight has not improved.

o His hearing is down by 1/3 – however, I can play his stereo and it does not bother him.

o And his memory is sometimes laughable – like when I found a bowl of porridge in the crockery cupboard.

But all in all, he's really happy with his improvement and he feels so positive about his diet that he rarely misses the opportunity to tell everyone – "I eat it raw now – we do not cook our meals."

Does it work?

You bettcha!

Just give it a go for a short time and watch the results.

Keep warm in the raw.


Kevin Hinton has been teaching the art of Natural Living and Natural Healing for over 25 years. He is recognized as Australia's leading health educator. For more information on how to improve your health – go to and while there, sign up for a world class health newsletter. …

Top 3 Nordic Berries and Health Their Benefits

The Nordic landscape is easily recognized by its beautiful cloudy mountains, it’s open spaces, deep dense pine tree forests with fresh and cooling air and clean water. Eatable animals such as lamb, elk, deer roam the wood and everyone can forage for wild berries, fruit and mushrooms, as well as catch fishes of many kinds. All key ingredients in the new Nordic kitchen, which is gaining popularity rapidly due to restaurants such as Noma and some of the best gourmet chefs of the world.

Surprisingly to many, simplicity is one of the main characteristics of the Nordic cuisine. Nordic cooking is based on a lot less ingredients than many other cuisines and on more high-quality ingredients cultivated in the cold and dry Nordic climate, which significantly influences the flavour of each dish.

The unique summers are short, but features long days with a beautiful midnight sun, and hence the very short growing season. This tends to result in a brief explosion of fresh and tasty ingredients such as especially wild berries, delicious fruit and beautiful mushrooms. The long and cozy winters in our special part of the world has made the Scandinavians become experts at preserving food in order to store the summer ingredients.

The berries are what make the cuisine unique. Especially cloudberries, blueberries and buckthorn berries. They can be found in all kinds of dishes and grow wild in the nature, so that everyone can pick them up freely. Their health benefits are many and traces of their use go back all the way to the times of the Vikings who brought cloudberries with them on their journeys to avoid loss of vitamin C.

Cloudberries are the most popular berries in Norway. It’s eaten during Christmas and used all year round for a number of purposes. It is considered THE Norwegian berry and considered a national treasure. Scarce and not easy to propagate, they are not commercially grown. Cloudberries are quite similar to raspberries, but a little bit bigger in size with a sweet/ tart apple flavour. Rich in Vitamin C, they are a natural choice for recipes requiring berries, and have considerable benefits especially for healthy gums and sound teeth. The rich berries and their many health benefits were already discovered by the Vikings and it is still being recognized as one of the most tasty and healthy berries around, but unfortunately it’s also a lot more pricey than any other berry due to the rarity of this wonderful orange treat.

Next to Strawberries, blueberries rank second in popularity of berries worldwide. There are cultivated and wild blueberries to be found, the latter being more tart in flavour. Being very low in calories and plentiful of nutrition it is suggested you have a bowl of raw blueberries once a day. Blueberries have been enjoyed by Native Americans for hundreds of years. In the Nordic countries you find them in the forests, and the Scandinavians have so many great child memories from picking blueberries in the deep pine …

All About Affordable Health Insurance Plans

While consumers search for affordable health insurance, they have price in their mind as the top priority. A general conception among the consumers is that cheap health plans should not be costly-the cheapest health plan available in the market is their target. However, this approach is not good. Sometimes, paying for a cheap health insurance plan but still not getting the required level of coverage results only in wastage of money.

With the implementation of the affordable care act, the reach of affordable health plans is set to increase. Or at least, this is what is believed to be the objective of healthcare reforms. However, lots of consumers are still in confusion about how things would work. In this article, we will discuss some detailed options that consumers can try while looking to buy affordable health plans.

To get a hand on affordable health insurance plans, consumers need to take of certain things. First among them is about knowing the options in the particular state of the residence. There are lots of state and federal government-run programs that could be suitable for consumers. Knowing the options is pretty important. Next would be to understand the terms and conditions of all the programs and check the eligibility criteria for each one of them. Further, consumers should know their rights after the implementation of healthcare reforms, and something within a few days, they may qualify for a particular program or could be allowed to avail a particular health insurance plan. If consumers take care of these steps, there is no reason why consumers can’t land on an affordable health plan that could cater to the medical care needs.

Let’s discuss some options related to affordable health insurance plans state-wise:

State-run affordable health insurance programs in California

While considering California, there are three affordable health insurance plans that are run by the state government. Consumers can surely get benefitted by these if they are eligible for the benefits.

• Major Risk Medical Insurance Program (MRMIP)

This program is a very handy one offering limited health benefits to California residents. If consumers are unable to purchase health plans due to a preexisting medical condition, they can see if they qualify for this program and get benefits.

• Healthy Families Program

Healthy Families Program offers Californians with low cost health, dental, and vision coverage. This is mainly geared to children whose parents earn too much to qualify for public assistance. This program is administered by MRMIP.

• Access for Infants and Mothers Program (AIM)

Access for Infants and Mothers Program provides prenatal and preventive care for pregnant women having low income in California. It is administered by a five-person board that has established a comprehensive benefits package that includes both inpatient and outpatient care for program enrollees.

Some facts about affordable health insurance in Florida

While talking about affordable health insurance options in Florida, consumers can think about below mentioned options:

• Floridians who lost employer’s group health insurance may qualify for COBRA continuation …

Many Great Uses for Baking Soda

The Versatile Product Called Baking Soda

Definition: Baking Soda (Arm and Hammer), or Sodium Bicarbonate (SB)

I have been using Arm and Hammer for years. I use it to clean my house, wash my clothes, and do oral care. I always have SB around the house, its great household product. Here's some of the ways I use SB to save money, and improve my life;

Use as an Oral Cleanser
Clean the Bathroom
Clean the Kitchen
Clothes washing booster

Recently, I went to the dentist, after twenty years without a visit. One of my fillings had fallen out, and set set in. Other than that, I had no other cavities. I attribute the lack of cavities due to my use of Sodium Bicarbonate, as a mouth wash. My dentist told me: I should use SB, I did not tell him I have been doing that for years. In fact, if I eat anything sweet, afterwards, I will rinse my mouth with Sodium Bicarbonate solution as soon as possible.

Pure water is about 7 PH, or neutral. Greater than 7 is considered base, while less than 7 is acidic. SB is around 9 PH. So, if you rinse your mouth with a Sodium Bicarbonate solution you change the PH of your mouth. SB definitely neutralizes pains in the mouth, so if you rinse with Arm and Hammer at night, you wake up without stinky morning breath. But please do not swallow the baking soda solution, unless you need extra sodium in your diet.

I do not recommend brushing teeth directly with Sodium Bicarbonate, I think it scratches the tooth enamel. Instead, I brush my gums with a baking soda, and then swish the solution in my mouth, and in between the teeth for two minutes. Please check with your dentist if baking soda treatment is right for you.

Use a quarter cup of Sodium Bicarbonate in a large load of laundry, it helps boost your regular detergents cleaning power. The Arm and Hammer product neutralizes odors, and helps my clothes feel soft.

Baking soda makes a great cleanser for your kitchen, and bathroom. Sprinkle some baking soda into the toilet, and scrub with a toilet brush, its cleans and deodorizes very quickly. For the kitchen, fill a bucket with water, and put in small amount of Sodium Bicarbonate, and mix. Wipe down counters, appliances, and floors with the solution, while rinsing the sponge or cleaning cloth with clean water, after each use. Keep reapplying the cleaning cloth to the baking soda solution, until the job is done. The bathtub comes very clean by using baking soda directly as a cleanser. Just sprinkle Arm and Hammer product in the tub, and carefully scrub the surface, then rinse with clean water. Its simple, and effective.

Costco sells Arm and Hammer baking soda for use as a non-food purpose product. It comes in a large plastic bag, its great for laundry, and other uses. For more ideas, please visit the Arm and Hammer website. …

The Facts About Internal Medicine Doctors

Internal medicine doctors focus on the prevention and treatment of diseases of the body and they focus on adult medicine. At least a few years of their education focuses on learning how to diagnose, prevent, and treat diseases,. Put simply, internists are also known as doctors of internal medicine or doctors for adults. They are also known as general internists.

Internists can deal with any problems that patients bring, no matter how simple or complex, how rare or common. They know how to solve complex problems and they can handle chronic conditions and situations where more than one sickness strikes at one time. They also educate people and teach them how to prevent problems of the ears, eyes, skin, reproductive organs, and nervous system. Internal medicine doctors take care of patients in nursing homes, hospitals, offices, and clinics.

Many of these specialists focus on general medicine, but some also specialize in other additional areas of medicine like cardiology, endocrinology, hematology, pulmonology, adolescent medicine, critical care medicine, geriatric medicine, hospital medicine, sleep medicine, sports medicine, and others.

You can find an internal medicine doctor by searching the Yellow Pages, online directories, and the search engines. The internet is an excellent resource of information. It can help you search for a doctor or specialist, and it will provide you with medical information when you need it. You can also read doctor reviews and find out a doctor’s rating online before you start making those phone calls. In addition, you can find a specialist by getting referrals from your family doctor, friends, and family members. Many options are available to you when it comes to finding a viable doctor. I have found several excellent websites that help people find doctors in their towns. You will also find the address and contact information for each doctor and specialist online, so you can contact them when you need to. Finding a great doctor who works with you to take care of you and listens to you is important when it comes to maintaining good health.

If you want to find the best specialist for your needs, make sure he or she is certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine, which only certifies subspecialists and internists who demonstrate the attitudes, skills, and knowledge essential for great patient care. Keep in mind that there are over 200,000 ABIM board-certified doctors in the country.

When you meet with specialists, make sure you ask questions. Find out what treatment options you have. Find out what treatment is going to cost you. Ask questions about surgery, tests, medicine, and recovery. Ask questions about your health, symptoms, condition, and body. Find out how you can prevent health problems. Investigating your options and choosing the best physician for you will give you peace of mind, so it is worth it.…

Dental Implants Information – 5 Things You Need to Know

Dental Implants Information Tidbit # 1

Dental implants will set you back a minimum of a thousand bucks a tooth, and can go as high as twenty-five hundred bucks. But before you decide to walk away, stop and consider how much money it will cost you, over the course of your life, to try caring for your damaged or worn teeth with root canals, bridges, dentures, and crowns.

Consider dental implants as investments in your dental future, with far less risk than most other investment ventures. dental implant have a higher than ninety percent success rate, and with a bit more dental implant information, you'll know how to lower that risk even more.

Dental Implants Information Tidbit # 2

The time you can expect between the day you first consult with your dentist about getting dental implants and the day you actually use your new teeth to chomp into the favorite tooth challenging treatment of your choice will depend on both the reason you need the implants and the health of your jawbone. If your jawbone is damaged or porous, you may very well need a bone graft which will require its own surgical procedure, with an extended recovery period before your jawbone is strong enough to support a dental implant rod.

Dental Implants Information Tidbit # 3

In your dental implant procedure, you'll be put under a general anesthetic while your gum is sliced ​​open and your jawbone exposed at the site of the tooth being replaced. You'll have a small titanium rod inserted into a hole drilled in your jawbone, and be stitched up so that the jawbone can fuse to the rod over the next three to six months.

When your rod and jawbone have completely fused, you'll have a cast made and a ceramic prosthetic tooth which matches the shape and shade of your natural teeth will be created to fit onto the titanium rod. The prosthetic will be bonded to the titanium rod, and you'll be sporting a smile with one less gap!

Dental Implants Information Tip # 4

There are now "instant dental implant" available for use inpatients with healthy gums and jawbones, and they can be performed immediately following the extraction of a broken or faded natural tooth. The prosthetic crown on the instant dental implants tips is only temporary, however, and must be promptly replaced by a custom fitted one. The healing period following an instant implant procedure will still last months, because as in traditional implants, the jawbone must be allowed to fuse to the titanium implant rod. When it does, the permanent prosthetic can be made.

Dental Implants Information Tip # 5

Your dentist is the best person to know if you are an eligible candidate for dental implants, and also the person who can offer you a payment plan to make the procedure affordable. Do not count on your dental insurance to offer a single cent of reimbursements for dental implants unless they are done to replace teeth lost …

Dental Insurance Plan – 30-Day Refund Policy

The cost of going to the dentist without a plan or insurance can take a big chunk out of the wallet. Some employers have coverage for their employees, but not all companies and places of work supply this service. If you have a family, the visits to the dentist can become a financial burden. With the economy the way it is, people are looking to find ways to save money and to cut corners. Having a good dental insurance or plan can make the difference in keeping your money in your pocket instead of paying high dental bills.

Many dental plans have discount plans that can help the average person to be able to make more frequent visits to the dentist. They come with many advantages such as no age discrimination, no health restriction, activation is quick, no paperwork hassles, no referral for a Specialist and group rates that are available. They also offer a 30-day refund policy, which makes the dental plans so appealing to the consumer.

Other benefits include a membership package that is provided online. It will include instructions and tips for increasing your savings. A membership card and a welcome letter are also provided. It also will provide a detailed schedule of the discounts and fees on different dental procedures. There is also a support and contact document that is included in the membership package.

Dental care is a very important part of looking after ourselves and keeping us healthy. Having the proper dental care will help prevent diseases and problems that can occur. By having a good dental plan, will enable the consumer to have the best chance at taking care of their smile. …

Top 5 "Almost-Instant" Joint & Muscle Pain Relievers

1. Penetrex Pain Relief Medication [2 Oz]

Penetrex is one of the most effective topical creams available out there. If you are someone who is suffering from arthritis, back pain, tennis elbow, sore muscles, joints or any other form of chronic aches, you should try Penetrex. It’s definitely worth a try. However, it should be noted that in some cases the pain doesn’t totally disappear, but becomes much more manageable. The ingredients used in the preparation of Penetrex do not affect your health adversely. Penetrex not only publishes the detailed info about the ingredients but also stands behind it. It’s not cheap but it costs less than most compounding pharmacy creams. Most importantly, it really works well when it comes to chronic joint and muscle pain.

2. Advil Pain Reliever/Fever Reducer

Advil Pain Reliever is a great pain reliever in tablet form. Each bottle (priced on Amazon at $12.91) contains 300 pills. So they should last you pretty long time. The size of the pills is fairly small and the coating tastes sweet. You can swallow them easily even without water. Whenever you have some pain, take one and it helps instantly.

3. Bayer Aspirin Regimen

These low dose aspirin tablets works great for the temporary relief of minor aches and pains. Each tablet comes with enteric coating to lessen the possible irritation to the stomach. They are fairly priced as the 300 tablet pack will cost you $26.76 on Amazon. However, do not forget to talk to your doctor before you start taking aspirins.

4. Outback Pain Relief – Natural Topical Oil

Most probably you are already acquanted with different types of over-the-counter pain relievers such as pain relief gels, sprays, rubs, tablets etc. But did you know there’s some natural topical oil available on Amazon that works as a pain reliever? Outback Pain Relief (available on Amazon at $79.95) relieves pain by penetrating deep into your joints and muscles. It works particularly well on inflammation. The smell of the oil is also very pleasant. It is a bit expensive but it is known for its natuaral healing process.

5. Biofreeze Pain Relief Gel

Biofreeze is a good pain reliever gel that alleviates joint and muscle soreness almost instantly. It works on nerve pain associated with shingles and relieves itching and scratching as well. The gel gives you cooling sensation upon applying and makes you feel very comfortable. The $10 tube available on Amazon lasts longer than most other similar products.…