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Nine Factors Influencing Your Health

Your health depends upon your age, the environment, your behavior, your lifestyle, physical work, training and exercise, your senses, your eating habits, your social habits and your social situation. These are interdependent, some of them interacting.

Together they form the main part of topics that will be covered in The Travel To Health Newsletter coming soon.


We expect our health to grow worse while we become older. The experience teaches us this as a fact and what we have learned in school does not contradict the expectation. Would it still be possible to stop the aging or at least slow it down? Many experts leave such options open. We will therefore scrutinize their claims to find out what appears to be probable, possible or less likely. A former Swedish Cross Country Champion used to say – and still says – “Nothing is impossible”.


Our expected life length depends very much of where we live. People in poor areas have in average shorter life time then people in richer areas. The death reason in the poor areas is mainly related to the poverty itself, on the contrary wealthy people die of well-being related diseases. Allergy is common in wealthy areas in the same town where it does not occur at all in the same proportions in poor areas. There is a lot to be learned from extreme differences in living environment, we will drill into what.


Drugs, criminality, violence does not promote health but on the contrary being a victim of crime, living with an alcoholic or violent person can be just as ruining for a life.


The modern society with double-working parents, children with numerous leisure time activities causes stress and split up days for the whole family. There is not time for rest and recovery for too many of us. We end having a whole range of diseases originating from this lifestyle.

If we do not manage to handle the situation can this on the other hand lead to loss of the employment, economic problems, house foreclosure etc.

5.Physical work, exercise and training

A physical work is training in itself, but can if too one- sided wear you down.

Exercise and training help us to cope with an intensive life, which is positive but can also enhance the stress itself. Different modes of exercise are favorable to address or prevent various problems. Some leisure sports as golf are quite time consuming, which formerly led to that golfers used to be fairly old. It is best for a traditional family if both wife and husband play, but there are still quite a lot of golf widows around, at least here in Sweden.


It is of course a very big handicap, if you are blind, deaf or dumb. But even less severe problems with senses have a thorough impact upon our health. Reduced hearing is something you pay dearly in your social life. Reduced sights exclude you from driving a car. You are not likely to …