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Spiritual Medicine, Computers & The Brain – Rebooting The Wisdom And Spirit Of The Body And Mind

“Calmness or harmony is a natural aspect of the mind.” – Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, January 2000

When I think of the term ‘spiritual’ in combination with medicine or healing, it brings forth divergent images. One is the evangelist preacher, gasping on each breath as he talks about the healing spirit of God, palming the forehead of his collapsing follower. Another is the tribal shamanic healer, adorned as an animal, chanting and gyrating around his ‘client’. Alternately, I think of the healing group meditating or praying for a beloved member or a stranger on the other side of the world, or a silent healer, eyes closed, holding her hands over the afflicted individual.

Whether we believe a particular form of spiritual medicine works or not, the term is often used to describe the evocation of a force external to the suffering person that enters them in an often mysterious fashion to create a change. It is often attributed to a subtle energy, exchanged from one person to another or from a higher power (God) to the person to be healed.

Another understanding of spiritual healing exists, however, one in which the healing force does not arise from the outside but instead is the upwelling of the wisdom or spirit of the body itself, restoring functions to areas that were dysfunctional. The body ‘knew’ how to work correctly once so is that knowledge now lost?

If there is an inner spirit, an inner wisdom, for each body part, organ, gland and the abilities or functions of those parts, how does it get lost or subverted into disease? To understand one mechanism at least, we need to look at learning.

Spirit becomes a functional life through learning

Every living organism, from a single celled organism to an insect or a human, has something in common, they all LEARN.

Even the very beating of the heart is learning, passed down genetically. All function, whether it is the secretion of a hormone or a complex act like cooking breakfast, is formatted by learning. Learning is the mechanism the wisdom of the body uses to interact with the complexity of life. Learning may be called the means life uses to express itself.

Of course, this learning isn’t from books; it is picked up automatically, on-the-fly. It is the result making uncounted numbers of tiny decisions at every moment, and organizing those decisions into an automatic behavior that is then repeated and applied to future situations, without any decision when needed.

From the simple act of cooking breakfast we can see many examples of the complexity of learning. The feeling of hunger, for instance, and its interpretation is the sum total of all the times in the past that you were hungry, what foods you like or don’t like, what you learned growing up about satisfaction of needs, what you have come to think of as good food, all of that is learning. The muscles used for cooking, postures of standing and using a spatula, when …

Private Health Insurance

Health insurance offered by different companies may vary slightly at certain levels but first it is important to make the choice as to what kind fits your requirements.

When we decide to buy a private health insurance the first few issues we have to confront are, "for what do we need health insurance", "how much health insurance will be enough" and "about how much can I afford to spend on it . " Instead of answering these questions first and then look for insurance you can even take the way round. Know what is available, see what they offer and then take decision. There are numerous options at hand to choose from.

The first choice to be made is between health insurance policy for family or separate health plan for everyone.

Family Floater Health Insurance
In a Family Floater, you decide for a sum assured for the family. That sum is available to all insured under the floater policy. It can be used by either or all the members insured up to the given sum insured. Premium depends upon the number of family members insured. A family floater can be taken for self and spouse, self, spouse and kids, self and kids and spouse and kids. Most companies do not allow parents to be included.

• Reduced premium than in case of individual plans for everyone
• Availability for adequate sum assured
• Ideal for low risk young families
• All members covered in a single policy
• Being a single policy it is easier to manage

• Reduced cover available to other members in case of a claim
• Might not provide sufficient cover in case of multiple claims in a year
• Children can be covered in a floatater policy only up to the a certain age, generally 18-25 years depending upon the company
• Anyone reaching the maximum renewal up to age is excluded from the family floater and separate policies may have to be bought.

Individual Health Insurance

Individual health insuranceis, as the name suggests, taken for single individual. It can be bought for each family member separately. The sum insured in this case is available for the single person insured. Premium depends upon the age of the individual and sum insured. Each policy needs to be managed as a separate policy.

• It can be taken for every member of the family including for the parents
• It is ideal for high health risk families or the ones in higher age bracket where individual cover needs to be substantial
• The policy does not lapse with one member reaching the maximum renewable age

• It is a little costlier than a family floatater policy.
• Each policy needs to be maintained separately ..
• Coverage may be lower than offered by a floatater in case of a single claim in a year

Below these two basic types, there are specialized health insurance policies . These can be availed as riders to …