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Get to KnowStreet Workout

The importance of exercise and keeping the body is increasingly being recognized by many people. Currently, you can see the crowded sports venues filled with many people to simply maintain stamina, lose weight, or form the ideal body. But, not everyone is willing to allocate their pocket money to be a member of the gym. Moreover, boarding children who must be proficient to regulate the monthly financial circulation.

If you include people who are thinking about joining a particular gym, maybe you will be interested in street workout trends. By doing this, you can have a tight body;six pack stomach, and a network of friends that grow without having to spend a lot of cost.

Street workout is a form of exercise that consists of a variety of simple, rhythmic movements that are generally done without the use of equipment or tools that are usually done in the open garden.

Bodyweight exercise is a strength exercise that does not require an additional burden, usually just using its practitioner weight as a resistance when doing a motion.

Street workout also involves some static movements like Human flags, Front and Back lever, Plank, etc. The goals of calisthenics and bodyweight exercise are not much different. The goal is to increase body strength and flexibility as well as improve psychomotor skills such as balance, agility and coordination.

Basically this exercise can increase endurance or strength, depending on how you practice. Street workout itself can actually be done anywhere (floors, bars, door frames, use chairs for dips etc.) and can be done without pay or free.

Example of Calisthenics Training:
1. Push up
2. Pull up
3. Sit ups
4. Dips
5. Jumping jack
6. Burpees
7. High knee running
8. Plank
9. Squat
10. Lunges

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3 Stunning Facts About Cannabis

  1. Heals concussion


A study published in the journal Cerebral Cortex shows, Florida Medical Marijuana Doctor may be able to help cure conditions of concussion or other traumatic injuries. In the journal, experiments were performed on mice.


In fact, professor Lester Grinspoon of Harvard Medical School confirmed that marijuana has the ability to protect the brain. “Already many doctors and researchers believe that Florida Medical Marijuana has a very strong neuroprotective properties. This is based on laboratory and clinical data, “he said.


  1. Slow down and stop the spread of cancer cells


Journal of Molecular Cancer Therapeutics revealed, cannabidiol (one of the compounds in All Natural Medical Solutions) has the ability to stop cancer by turning off a gene called Id-1. This is also in line with what researchers found at California Pacific Medical Center, San Francisco, that cannabidiol can prevent the spread of cancer.


The investigator experimentalise on chest catastrophe cell in lab lest have tall Id-1 level and treat them with cannabidiol. The result is positive, the cells decrease the expression of Id-1 and make it not aggressive.


In addition, the American Association for Cancer Research has found that cannabis can serve to slow the growth of tumors in the brain, breast, and lungs.


  1. Prevent Alzheimer’s disease


A 2006 study led by Kim Janda of the Scripps Research Institute found that THC which is an active ingredient in cannabis can slow the formation of amyloid plaques. This plaque kills brain cells and has the potential to cause Alzheimer’s disease.